Saturday, August 30, 2008

$75 Grocery Study and $10 Kids Cereal Study

I guess this is the week for some good focus group studies.

First, head on over to iMommies to read on the latest $75 Grocery Study. She gives you the full details on how to email in to see if you qualify. But, before you do, click here to register with Chasen Research, the company that is hosting this study. Good luck! I sent my info in today, so we will see if I qualify.

In addition, are you a local reader here in Cincinnati? Do you have a small child? If so, click here to register with North Cliff Consulting. I got called today for a Trix Cereal Study for my young son. We will be going next week, and he will be paid $10! I plan to give it to him and teach him the methods of handling his earnings.

If you want to see if you will qualify for this study, too, call (513) 251-4930.

What is the simple method I am using with a 6 year old? A percentage for church, a percentage for his savings and a percentage for himself. He is SOOO excited about earning this $10, as he should be!

New to Market Research? Click here to read my original post.

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