Thursday, August 28, 2008

Free Gift at Pottery Barn Kids Story Time

Do you have young kids at home like myself?

If so, you know how enjoyable and beneficial story time can be for our children and us as parents! For years, I have taken advantage of the free story time at the libraries, and they are great. I highly advise parents to always call their local libraries to see what programs they have for your children, too.

But, on my recent trip to the mall, I was browsing thru the Pottery Barn Kids store when I found out a little something interesting. I can get PAID to go to story time with my kids. Hmmm!! I like that, of course.

Every Tuesday, Pottery Barn Kids has a Free Story Time from 10 until 10:30. Although, when talking to the associates at my store, they said they normally don't get started until about quarter after, as people are still showing up. Of course, check with your own store to see if they start exactly at 10 or not.

In addition, they will give you a Book Club Card and everytime you show up, they will stamp this card. After 5 times, you get a gift. What is the gift? According to the associates at my store, it is a gift card. How much? That I don't know. But, I would have to assume the smallest gift card is $ it would at least be that, right?

Is this the same gift they give at every store? That I don't know, either. But, if you want to find out, click here to find your nearest store. Feel free to give them a call and ask them what the free gift is.

Either way, make sure to stop by and check out the free Story Time. It looked fun. In addition, earn your free gift when you make a routine out of going every Tuesday. Now that is fun for everyone!

Before I go, make sure to check out their Sing A Long program ( ending soon ) and the upcoming Star Wars event. Both also look like wonderful programs, too!


justusseven said...

Wow, you find all the great deals! I love pbarn, but there isn't one in my town. Too bad! I'd definately participate!

Anonymous said...

We attend the PBK storytime all the time! At our store in Denver, once your card is stamped 5 times, you can use it for $10 off your next purchase.