Thursday, June 19, 2008

Local Readers - Free Chick-Fil-A Icedream

If you live locally and have small kids, you have probably visited the Chick-fil-A at Voice of America. It has a wonderful indoor play area, that my kids just love.

Right now, if you go right across the street to the Westchester Library and fill out a little form to get a Kids Reading Log for the summer, they will hand you coupons for a Free Icedream from Chick-fil-A, as well as coupons for Go Play Cafe in Mason. It is a Buy One get One Free for the Go Play Cafe.

In addition, if you keep track of your child's summer reading ( or you reading to them, if they are younger ), you can turn it in for more fun prizes when they reach certain milestones.

The preschool reading program kids will get a Certificate of achievement, Paperback Book and a Ice Cream Coupon.

The K and up program comes in when they reach 10 books, 20 books, etc and receive prizes ( not sure what they are ) for each milestone.

If you are already doing the Half Price Books/CiCi's Pizza program, you can just log what they read on both forms and get double the benefits!

Anyway, even if you don't do the program, it may still be worth it for you to run in before you head over to Chick-fil-A to get your free Icedream coupon.

And, if you are an adult and reading books during the summer, grab their adult Log, too. They have a raffle each week for prizes. You get an entry for each book you read. The flier mentioned Donatos Pizza, Jags ( I want that one ), Showcase Cinemas, Reds
Tickets, Newport Aquarium, etc and a few other places ( I don't remember ).

Not a local reader? Stop by your local library to see what fun events and programs they are running during the summer months!

Happy reading!

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Andrea said...

Carrie - we signed up last week and got the coupons! Nice little surprise! And, I didn't know they had an adult program. We just went to Jag's last week for our ann'y and it was AWESOME! Never gonna do Carvers again!

Lori said...

At our area Chik-fil-a's (SW VA), if you purchase a kids meal, you can give back the unopened toy for a free ice cream cone as well (during same visit)