Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Groceries Etc.

No matter what week it is...even if the sales aren't that great, you can always find a few good deals! Here are a few from my trip to Kroger last night.

Zout Laundry Stain Remover - $3.59 - $1.00 Off coupon from a past Sunday newspaper insert - Try Me Free Rebate = Profit of $1.00 ( I am using my free postage from, so I am not even out the 42 cents needed to mail the rebate in )

Pert Plus Dandruff Dismissed - $3.39 - $1.00 Off coupon from a past Sunday newspaper insert - Try Me Free Rebate Peelie on the bottle = Profit of $1.00 ( Again, I am using my free postage from )

Glade Scented Gel Plug In ( select varieties on closeout price ) - $1.99 - $2.00 Off coupon from a Kroger Mailing on fragrances..did you get it? If so, you can get this FREE.

Disney Boxed Oatmeal is on closeout price for $1.49!! That is a good price for oatmeal, if you need to stockpile. It was good, we ate it this morning.

In addition, here are other things that lowered my bill this week.

Check those receipts. It never fails, but it seems like more often than not, something rings up wrong.

This week, corn was on sale 10 for $3.00. It was on sale last week, too. That is 30 cents an ear. Well, it rang up 6 for $2.00. That is a little over 33 cents an ear. I turned that in under the scan right guarantee and asked that they fix the registers, since it has been happening for 2 weeks. I also brought last week's receipt in, too, since I hadn't noticed it then and got that money refunded as well.

And, of course, I reused my plastic bags for another $1 approx.

Before I go, a BIG THANKS to Hooray for Freebates for always keeping me in the loop on current rebates. That is how I knew to look for both of those products while at the store. I have updated my side bar to reflect the rebates. I highly recommend checking in often with this site.


Andrea said...

OK Carrie - do you shop at Liberty Township? Because I have never seen someone get so much FREE stuff at Kroger because the prices are messed up! I'm going to start going there :-)

Carrie @ said...

So funny. I do shop the Liberty Twp one on St Rt 4.

But, I find this happens alot at other places, too.

I was at the BK on Tylersville and they rang up my order incorrectly. Saved me another $1.50. Everywhere I go, I look.

But, I must confess. If I am in an aisle and I see a sale tag all by itself, and the others around it have been pulled ( for example, on the yogurts last week, only one flavor still had the sale tag ) I look at it closer to see what the expiration date is.

If it is already past, I know it will ring up wrong and I will get it free. BUT..I do ask that they go pull the tag then, so other people won't buy it, thinking it will ring up wrong and walk out without checking their receipts.

I said that to the lady today, because she wasn't changing the register on the corn.

I mentioned it is only 3 cents an ear, but with it being bought up like crazy ( they were almost out of it ), over hundreds of customers,that adds up to a lot of overpaid corn for Kroger!

kelly said...

C, just wanted to say your rebates sidebar is very handy-i do read HfF but yours is so easy to click on to get right to the forms if i need to do it later...thanks!!

Carrie @ said...

Thanks Kelly.

I hope to do that with a lot of my other categories of savings, too, over time. It is a slow process organizing this blog. OH, well, eventually.

I am trying to keep the rebates out there past their buy by date....up until their mail by date. That way, if someone buys something, but doesn't get around to mailing it until closer to when it needs to submitted..they can still find the form.

Lorelei said...

Wow, I wish we had Kroger! They sound like they always have great deals, excellent customer service and multiply coupons! Oh well. Glad you were able to take advantage of those 2 freebates! I still haven't found the Zout.