Friday, June 13, 2008

Leverage Beta - Earn Interest on Gift Cards

Wow! This might be one of the most exciting offers I have seen in awhile.

First of all, I love companies in their beta phase. You can get a lot of deals this way, as companies try to launch their services and get the word out there.

Let me give you a little background about Leverage, and also say a BIG thank you to Jenna B. for telling me about this great deal! She must have read how much I love discounted gift cards and the deals you can find.

To begin, Leverage is indeed in their beta phase. And, they are offering some great incentives.

  • Register all your gift cards ( got those Walgreen Rebate Gift Cards? )
  • Because they are all registered, if one ever gets lost or stolen, your numbers are accessible to track.
  • With your cards registered, you are able to trade gift cards with others. ( Great benefit if you have cards you don't need and something else you do need )
  • Specialized offers/discounts when you log in based on your profile and gift cards.
  • Able to buy gift cards thru their sites
  • Earn INTEREST on your gift cards. Yes, that is right...earn interest. My favorite benefit, since I have hundreds of dollars in gift cards right now.
  • Earn $ for referring others ( so, tell those friends...and if you ever give a gift card as a gift, put a little card in there referring them )

So, if you are a Walgreens Rebate shopper, Discount Gift Card shopper or just have some sitting around, register here.

Don't have any gift cards right now? Register here anyway and fill out your profile. You will then be able to buy gift cards online thru their site and get in on some great offers and deals.

I am so excited to have all my gift cards listed and categorized for me with account really allows me to see exactly what I have on hand and is keeping me organized.

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OnlyOnSale said...

very cool :)

Carrie @ said...

Isn't it. I was so excited. I will be curious to see how much the interest works out to me. I don't imagine much...but hey, who cares. Anything is better than nothing.

And, I now have my cards organized. Yeah!