Thursday, June 12, 2008

Local Readers - Free Ribs & $25 Free Gas

Congratulations to Montgomery Inn for winning the "Favorite Stain" nationwide via a vote through Tide.

Because of this high honor, the Boathouse location decided to give free ribs out today from 4 until 6 PM. So, if you are trying to decide where to go for dinner, and you can make it there in those time slots...ENJOY!

I wish my hubby was getting off early I just love their ribs. And, I love the Boathouse locations the best. Fond memories! That is where my date took me years ago for Prom. :-)

And, another GREAT deal for those of you who didn't take advantage of the Fitworks 30 day Free Trial. They are offering a $25 Gas Card if you click here.

You answer a few simple questions, and it then takes you to a coupon to print and take in with you.

Details? You only have 3 days to get in there to get your $25 gas card. Also, you must spend 30 minutes with a trainer while there. So, bring your gym clothes. They also give you 14 days free to their club, too. Woo, hoo! What a great incentive to get some exercise in!

But, after you work out, you walk out with a certificate for $25! I SOO wish I hadn't taken advantage of the 30 day trial, so I could take advantage of this offer. To qualify, you can't be a member or have been there in the last 6 months.

I did register my husband, though, so if he will go work out in the next few days, we will get that $25!

Don't forget to enter my June $25 Giveaway. Simply click here to read the details and enter.

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