Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Kroger Electronic Coupon Deals this Week!

Thanks to the Grocery Game ( please use referral moneysavingmethods@yahoo.com ), I was still able to find some decent deals at the grocery store this week at Kroger. And, combine them with electronic coupons, and the deals can be even better. So far this year, I have saved over $1,500.

  • Although there weren't many deals, while I was there I did pick these 2 products up.

  • Ragu Sauce Pouch - Reg Price $2.49 - Sale $1.64 - Electronic Coupon $1.00 - Sunday Paper ( past ) coupon $1.00 = Profit of $.36
  • Knorr Lipton Rice Packs - Reg Price $1.49 - Sale $1.00 - Electronic Coupon $.75 off 2 - Sunday Paper ( past ) coupon $.75 doubled to $1.00 off 2 - Cost for 2 is $.25 ( or just a little over 12 cents each ). Hey, my profit from above more than paid for my 2 rice packs!!

Don't forget, Kroger has THREE electronic sites you need to register with. P&G, Unilever and Shortcuts. P&G and Unilever will allow you to load 25 coupons COMBINED, while you can load another 20 from Shortcuts.

Also, don't forget to ALWAYS check your receipts. You can read here on my post regarding keeping and checking receipts and don't forget Kroger has the Scan Right Guarantee.

Tonight, I got a pack of yogurt free ( $2.59 ) and a package of hot dogs free ( $2.99 ) thanks to them ringing up incorrectly. That is $5.58 of products.

On top of that, my 9 other yogurts rang up wrong, so they had to refund that money, as well. They only give you one package free. So, that added up to another $5+ back that the store would have gotten to keep if I hadn't checked my receipt immediately.

What else? Don't forget to bring those plastic bags back. It only added up to $1 for me this week, but don't forget you are also helping the environment by reusing those bags!

And, finally, while we are on the topic of Ragu, click here to go to their site and request a FREE Ragu cookbook.

Want some more free Pasta recipes? Click here to get 8 new recipes! ( Hint, hint...after you enter your information on the 1st page, just keep clicking SKIP until you get to the last page with all the recipes ).

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