Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My First Guest Post, thanks Only On Sale!

Amanda at Only On Sale graciously invited me to guest post this week on her blog. You can click here to visit her site and read my post.

She is an up and coming blogger, which means she is fairly new to the blogging world but has a lot of great and worthwhile information to share with us all! Definitely go back and pay her visits to see what she is up to daily!

Anyway, my post was a quick recap of keeping all your bills at the lowest cost possbile for your family. Hopefully, many of you can benefit and lower your bills, too!

In fact, Amy left a comment today on my post about the $5 for Liberty Mutual Insurance. She called around on her auto insurance and is saving $700...yes, $700 every 6 months on 2 cars. That is $1,400 a year, just for one simple phone call!!

It is posts like that when I am encouraged to keep blogging and sharing all the great money saving and earning techniques with others. It makes the time I invest in this site SOO worthwhile! Thanks for sharing, Amy, you just made my day!

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OnlyOnSale said...

thanks again for posting :) :)