Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Free $5 Subway Gift Card - Thanks Vespa

Well, if you have always wanted to take a spin on one of these little babies, here is your chance.

Vespa is running this special promotion in relation to the release of the new movie, Get Smart, and is offering a $5 Subway Gift Card to anyone that comes in to Test Drive a new Vespa OR to discuss the features and benefits of a Vespa.

I believe you may have to have a motorcycle license to drive this beautiful machine, but it may vary from state to state...I am not sure. But, since you can just sit down and discuss the merits of the Vespa with the dealer, I am sure you can run in and out pretty quick and get your $5

If you want to read my original post on Test Driving for money, you can click here. So far, this year, I have received $50 and have another $50 on the way.

By the way, this promotion is going on until August 10, so you have time to stop by your local dealer.

Want to know where your dealer is? Click here to read all the details on the promotion as well as a link to dealers nationwide

Don't forget to enter my June $25 Giveaway. Simply click here to read the details and enter.

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