Saturday, May 17, 2008

Super Saturday Savings! Test Drive Cars for Money

This week in the mail, I got a certificate from Chrysler asking me to come test drive the 2008 Town &
Country Mini Van. For our time, they will give us $50 to Home Depot.

This is not uncommon among car dealers, but you do have to watch and sign up for these deals.

And, when you go to do the test drive, MANY times the dealer won't even make you drive the vehicle and will just stamp off on the certificate ( which you then mail in like a rebate form to get your gift card ).

My husband and I actually enjoy test driving the vehicles, though, so we find this as a source of enjoyment while getting paid! This is actually something fun we are doing together today. And, if you let them know up front you are only there to test drive because of the certificate, the hard selling usually doesn't occur.

Are you interested in getting paid to test drive a car, too? Well, here is how I got this offer, along with some other freebies. Whether you will get this offer, too, will remain to be seen. But, it is worth a try.

First, I signed up here for a brochure from Chrysler on the Town & Country. Then, I just sat back and enjoyed the freebies they sent me. First, they sent the brochure. Next, they sent me a free packet of microwave popcorn. Then, I got a deck of Chrysler playing cards. Finally, about 2 months after I signed up, I got my certificate for $50 with a test drive.

I will keep researching the test drive offers ( this was the only one I had seen in awhile ), and let you know when another one becomes available. But, for now, I recommend you sign up for a Chrylser Town & Country brochure and see what you get! Hopefully the invite for $50, too.

Meanwhile, if you live in Tennessee, here is a test drive offer for you. It only pays $15 in Lowes Gift Cards, but still might be worth your time if you are in the area. Click here to go to GMC Test Drive Event of the Summer to find your nearest location, date and time.

Drive Safely!


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