Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1 Week Later, and ANOTHER great Search Engine Option

Well, I was confused enough last week when trying to figure out whether to use Blingo or Swagbucks. Click here to read about the benefits and my dilemma.

But, now, I found another one I just LOVE.

It is called My Search Bonus.

Why do I like My Search Bonus?

This one is a GUARNTEED earner. OK, it is a small amount, but still! For something you are doing already, why not make money, right?

You earn 1 point everytime you do a search from their search engine with a max of 50 points a day. Each point is basically worth one penny. Once you reach 500 points ( or $5 equivilant ) you can redeem your points for a prize of your cards, etc.

Like the others, it is powered by Google.

You can also refer friends, and everytime they earn a point, you will earn a point, too, up to 100 points per person. So, basically, you can earn $1 for each person you refer! There is no limit to how many friends you can refer, though.

SOOO, what I am doing now? Have I given up on Blingo and Swagbucks? Nope! I now have 3 Search Engines saved as a homepage and alternate homepages and I am just toggling between them. I have found that I am starting with My Search Bonus, first, and if I am in the middle of something on that window, I then toggle to the next window...which is Swagbucks if I need to do a search and don't want to quit what I was doing on my original search. Then, next is Blingo.

Hey, it is kind of fun. I know everytime I do a search now I am earning or potentially earning!

Interested in My Search Bonus? Click here to give it a whirl!

And, one final note...a Big Thanks to Topaztook for her recommendation for Good Search. It is basically the same concept as the programs above, but you are earning money for a charity of your choice! Wow! You know how I love donating for free!

Happy Searching today, no mater which of these Engines above you use!

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