Thursday, May 22, 2008

Update - Kroger Stimulus Check Rebate

Well, here is the scoop.

I finally went to Kroger last night to buy my $1,200 of gift cards and get my extra 10%, or $120.

I was under the assumption I needed to buy it all at once, but that is not true. You can buy it in $300 increments until July 31st, not to exceed $1,200.

So, of course, I only opted to buy $300 right now. That way, my money sits in my high interest checking account longer, and I don't risk losing 4 gift cards...each worth $300.

I, of course, paid for it on my credit card, earning 6%. So, that is another $18 extra I made, on top of the $30 that Kroger gave me yesterday.

What was another fun fact? The manager told me, that if I reached the $1,200 limit before July 31st, that he would suggest I open another Kroger card ( they don't even need to put my address on it ), they just need to activate a card and give it to me in order to load $1,200 more. Depending on how much money I have left on July 31st, I may just do this and use those gift cards for the 2nd part of the year. That would mean they would have given me $240 extra for the year.

Now, of course, this was a specific manager telling me this. He sees me there every week faithfully, so maybe he just thought he would help me out. But, if you reach that limit, all you can do is ask. The worst that can happen? They tell you no.

BUT, my favorite part to this whole deal? You can still load your Charity Cards!! I asked them, and they didn't know. So, they said...let's try and see.

So, I handed them the Kroger card that donates to my son's school. I had them put $100 on it, and then I paid for it with the $330 gift card Kroger had given me. It went through fine! So, now, on top of making 10%, I also donated 4% of my total to a charity.

If you are unfamiliar with their charity program, click here to read my original post. I highly suggest you do this if you shop Kroger. It is no extra money out of your pocket, but can make a big difference to a charity you support.

Don't have a charity to support? Click here to go to Carrie's Cooking. She has charity cards for Relay for Life, supporting the American Cancer Society. She can mail you a Kroger charity card. I also have her card in my wallet and alernate that charty with two others.

Hopefully, this info helps you out. Also, click here to read my post on other stores offering these 10% extras in the hopes of getting your business now that you got your stimulus check.


Carrie said...

I actually tried to put the money on my stimilus gift card on my charity card and was told I could not. (I was paying for one gift card with another.) In addition, I receive a note from Kroger's explaining how they could not put the stimilus money on the charity card.

However, I might try it again since it worked for you. I was hoping to keep giving money to the American Cancer Society.

Thanks for the update!!

Carrie @ said...

That is what I thought...would it let me pay a gift card with a gift card. But, they let me try it and it went through.

Instead of asking, next time you are checking out, you may just have them ring the charity card through. Then, when they tell you to pay, just swipe the card and see if it takes it.

From talking to you in the past, it seems my Kroger is a lot more laid back than yours.