Thursday, May 8, 2008

Free Money for Gas, Thanks to Drive America!

Learn how to get $80 free gas from Drive America.

Drive America is currently offering $80 in free gas if you sign up and become a member.

But, the kicker is it is broken out into $20 for each quarter of the year. For example, how these programs usually work is that they send you a rebate form for Jan-Mar, Apr-Jun, Jul-Sep and Oct-Dec. Each certificate is for $20 and you must send it back with an original dated receipt.

You must be a member when they cut your check for your rebate and you must have been a member when you bought the gas ( this usually take 6-8 weeks to receive the rebate...I will let you know once I get my form ). So, keep those receipts!

So, here is what I am doing.

1. I signed up for Drive America
2. I chose the single plan, at $7.95 a month.
4. I have kept my most recent gas purchase receipt, since I am a member and will send in immediately upon receiving the rebate form.
5. I will keep a receipt as soon as July hits and immediately send in for that $20 gas rebate ( mark this on your planner calendar, email calendar and phone calendar...I use all 3 so as not to forget )
6. I will pay $7.95 for May, June, July and August totaling $31.80
7. I will get back $40
8. I will cancel in August, as soon as I receive my rebate. ( again, I have marked on my calendars the LATEST date I need to cancel, which is a few days before my September charge hits )
9. I will receive a refund for the month I cancel me $7.95 back.
10. My profit will be $16.15. Not a huge amount, BUT I am also getting service for all those months. And, I have used their program before and enjoyed the extra benefits.

What are you getting in addition to free gas money?

  • 24/7 Roadside Assistance
  • Car Rental and Maintenance Discounts
  • Up to $125 in Towing
  • 2nd opinions on car repairs
  • Personalized trip routing and maps
  • Save hundreds on dining, travel, movies and more!

If you are interested in joining the program and getting free gas money, too, simply click here! It isn't much...but with gas prices at the level they are right now, every little bit helps! I figure, it should get me a little under a half tank of gas.

I find myself constantly doing offers like these, and they do add up to quite a bit of extra money after awhile.


Alyssa said...

*sigh* If only I was as uber-organized as you, Carrie. I would never remember to mail in a rebate in 2 months!

Carrie @ said...

So funny. I don't feel uber I?

I have a rebate folder ( which is where I keep my Walgreens rebate forms, too ), so I know I will check it once a month.

Plus, I always have to put on all my calendars, or I would forget.

ANJIE said...

hey carrie, I am always looking for gas savings! Check out my latest blog entry on paying todays gas prices tomorrow ,I haven't worked it all out yet but a great tip from a reader........ I am sure you will stream line it even further! :)
go get um