Wednesday, May 7, 2008

$5 Gift Card from Sunny D

You didn't throw that Sunday paper away yet, did you? If not, go to the Sunny D coupon and cut out the advertisement along side it. Sunny D is taking their Summer 4 ever Tour across the United States again this year and if you bring this ad and a Sunny D label, they will give you $5! So, go take the coupon, buy your Sunny D and go have some fun and get $5 ( which should more than pay for your Sunny D purchase ).

To see when the tour is coming to your area, click here.

And, what exactly is the Sunny D tour, you may ask? Well, according to their site it is, "more than a's a Sport Stacking, game playing, super sampling ( I like the sounds of that part ) showcase! They will entertain, engage, and excite you with Sunny D's bottled sunshine."

Believe it or not, mine was going on right now down the road from me. I had to go right by their location ( I could wave to them ) when I picked up my son from Spanish class tonight. So, I decided to stop by.

It was very nice. Mine was at my local Kroger. They were back by the milk section, so walk around if you don't see them outside. I didn't have a Sunny D label, so they had me buy one ( which was $1.79 for a large bottle ) and they handed me a 25 cent off coupon ( which doubles to 50 cent ). So, I paid $1.29, took the bottle back to them ( they needed to take the UPC code off ) and sign the little ad from the paper. Then, they handed me a $5 Kroger gift card.

On top of that, you get small bottles of Sunny D for each person with you ( so I got and the 2 kids I had with me ), and a prize. They had T-shirts, frisbees, slinkys, etc. I picked stacker cups, because my 5 year old son played with them at a friend's house recently, and loved them. Him and I have already been sitting at the table fooling around with them for quite awhile now.

But, the big prize they are giving away at EACH stop, is an Ipod Shuffle. You have to register ( when you do, your name goes in to a drawing for a family vacation to Florida or $100 gift card which will be drawn later in the summer ), but it also puts your name in the drawing for that day and the Ipod. The kicker is need to be present when the drawing occurs! So, if you know what time the drawing stand pretty good odds you might win.

SO...I happened to be about 10 minutes before the drawing, so I stuck around. And, there were only 4 of us there when they did the drawing that were still in the store. They had to keep pulling names until one of the 4 of us was called. Unfortunately, even though I had a 25% chance of winning...I still didn't. But, hey...Wendy somebody or other looked pretty darn happy when they handed her the prize!

If you get a chance, and it isn't far out of your way or schedule, I would definitely stop by your local Sunny D event!

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