Friday, April 11, 2008

Tax Day is Fast Approaching!

Tax day is almost upon us, so I wanted to take this time to remind you of the free software available out there, in case you have procrastinated.

First, you can read my original post here on the free Turbo Tax Deluxe Software that State Farm is offering to their customers. Some said the Deluxe couldn't be used if you had stock sales and capital gains or losses. But, that is not true. We had them, as well as Partnerships on Schedule K's, 1099-MISC income, etc, and it processed it all fine. They did try to get me to pay to upgrade, but it wasn't needed. So, don't be fooled into paying for a higher one unless you really have some crazy taxes.

Another great option right now, if you aren't a State Farm customer is TaxCut Premium by H&R Block. Currently, you can go to Upromise and if you are a new member, you will get a $10 sign on bonus when you make your first purchase. REMEMBER, Upromise can be withdrawn, although they recommend you save it for college. I am going to request my first check soon to put in my kids 529s, so I will let you know how it goes.

While setting your account up, please remember to enter 5tylenol in your promo code, too, to possibly get an additional $5! ( I am still waiting for my cell phone purchase to process, so I am not sure if they will give you the $5 w/ the $10, but it is worth a try ). I will let everyone know once my payments come through.

Once in Upromise, go to their online shopping section and click on Circuit City. Right now, TaxCut Premium is $10 after a mail in rebate with them. You should be able to do a pick up in the store ( let me know if anyone has trouble with this ). So, with your $10 credit from Upromise ( possibly $5 from Tylenol ), it will either be free or you make a little bit. In addition, Upromise also pays a percentage of a CC purchase to your account, so you will probably make a few cents there, too.

Finally, if you go to, and you make less than $54K a year, they have a free tax filing software package called free file. Click here to go to their software.

Hope this gives you that last push to get your taxes done!!

Refer A Friend using Revolution Money Exchange
AND...while we on the subject of April 15th, don't forget it is the last day to get your free $25 from Revolution Money Exchange. Click here to read my original article. It has a wonderful article from USA Today on the company and a recap of my experience with them.

If you have 2 adults in your home ( married, etc ), you can make $60 instead. After you sign up, refer your spouse and have them sign up. You will get another $10 for refering them. And, then they will also get $25. So, $25 + $10 + $25 = $60! It took about 3 days to complete everything and have the money in hand! Click on the button above if you want to take advantage of the RME offer.
Hope you have a happy and carefree TAX DAY next week!

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