Friday, April 11, 2008

Did you buy your free flowers from Spring Hill?

If you did, you need to read this.

Thank you to Andrea, at Mommy Snacks! She recently took advantage of the $20 off $20 coupon code for Spring Hill, that I posted about. Click here to read the original post.

Well, she informed me last night that her invoice arrived and it did NOT match the invoice when she checked out and that was emailed to her. They didn't give her the full discount.

So, low and behold, my flowers came today ( they look great ) and I immediately checked my invoice. If you haven't read my original post on the importance of tracking receipts, click here. Anyway, sure enough, my invoice didn't match either. I spent $19 on flowers and my emailed invoice showed a $19 coupon credit. BUT, the invoice I got today only showed a $7 credit and that I had paid $21 plus dollars on my credit card ( this included shipping & handling ).

That is a no go for me. I would be shipping those babies back and asking for my money returned if they are going to be dishonest with me.

So, I called the immediately. The phone number is 513-354-1510, in case you need it, also. The man on the phone was very helpful. I simply told him my invoice did not match my order or my emailed invoice. I explained I had used a $20 off $20 coupon, but now I was only showing a $7 credit.

He told me to hold on while he credited my charge card. So, I held....then he came back on the line and said the difference would be credited in a few business days. He didn't ask me any other questions...he didn't even say he needed to look up my original invoice or anything. So, it made me wonder if they had been getting a lot of calls on this. Who knows?

But, that was it. Simple fix!

But, this is another great example of companies overcharging customers. This isn't just with Spring Hill. This is with almost EVERY company! It is a craze..I swear. I am honestly starting to wonder if companies don't do this purposely to see how much extra money they can make without consumers catching on.

Maybe I am being paranoid, BUT, hey, being paranoid causes me to check my receipts and I almost always save myself money this way!

So, once again, thanks to Andrea for checking that receipt and notifying all of us!

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Melissa said...

I haven't even gotten my flowers yet. I was just wondering about them. I will definitely be looking at the receipt when/if I get the flowers! Thanks for the info.