Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Free Tax Filing through State Farm

OK..maybe this is old news for everyone else. And, maybe all of you have done your taxes already, but well, I am a procrastinator when it comes to taxes. Ugh! I hate them. HATE THEM!

Well, I was logging into my State Farm account today to make sure my home insurance had been paid when I saw this little phrase in the corner. It said "Free Tax Filing". Hmmm, I thought. There was no picture to capture my eye, just that little phrase on the left hand side of the page. It seemed almost like it was trying to hide! :-)

So, I clicked....and guess what? State Farm is giving it's customers access to Turbo Tax for Free! Yes, Free! And, I know what you are thinking. It is the Turbo Tax Basic, which a lot of banks give to their customers for free. But, no, it is the Deluxe version, too with free efile! I haven't been this excited to do my taxes in ......well......forever!

If you aren't a State Farm customer, here is a link to some other free software. Although these companies do have requirements to qualify for the free software ( for example, Turbo Tax Freedom requires you make $30K or less a year ), it might be worth checking out. There are 9 companies listed and a list of NOT RECOMMENDED Tax Software programs. That is always good to know, too.

I can't wait until this weekend to sit down and finish my taxes off now. And, oh my gosh, it isn't April 15th, like every other year! Miracles never cease to happen!!


Kyle said...

Wow, that is a great free find! I still need to do my it may be just what I need to get myself motivated! Thanks for sharing.

Evelyn said...

We have State Farm insurance. How do you sign up for an account? We always pay in person. Also, do you download the deluxe? Any further information would be great.

Carrie said...

Hi Kyle and Evelyn. Thanks for the comments/questions.

Evelyn...even if you pay in person, you can still set up an account and get the software. Go to Once there, click on the register button on the top of the site to the right.

This will take you to a screen that asks you to pick from a drop down box on what your State Farm product is. So, for me, it was Homeowners Insurance.

The next page will ask for your policy # ( so have that handy ) and then all your information ( such as name, address, etc ).

Once you are done setting your account up and login, you will see the Free Tax Filing link on the left hand side of the screen.

Feel free to email me directly if you need further help.

rtonerii said...

This BITES... I am a State Farm Customer and IU jsut found out they pulled it for customers of NC that do not have a banking account with them.