Friday, April 25, 2008

Oh Where oh Where have I Been?

Can anyone guess? I know I posted a few times this week...but not much. And, in all honesty, I didn't post much last week any ideas?

Well, if you read my post on the 7 items about myself, you will know I love to read! And, guess what? I got 2 new books over the last 2 weeks. So, I have spent sleepless nights ( am running on fumes ) as I stayed up to the wee hours of each evening/morning reading. These books are approx. 800 pages of small font! But, so well worth it. I enjoyed them both immensely.

Anyway, although this is not a money saving method, I did think it would be fun to recommend some of my favorite books, besides Gone With The Wind, that is.

Yes, that has always been my all time favorite novel. In fact, my mother always feared I would one day name my daughter Katie Scarlett, and call her Scarlett ( sorry to anyone reading named Scarlett ). She was so relieved when I got a cat many, many years ago and named her that instead.

But, my daughter's name is the same name as Scarlett's daughter's name in the novel. Does anyone know what my little girl's name is? Thought I would put some trivia on my post. :-) to the my 3 top pick books! The author is Paullina Simons. And, she wrote a trilogy that just blew me away. I have reread these books countless times over the past three years and still enjoy going back to them! Once in a while, a book and it's characters just blow you away...and this was one of those times. In my life, this is the ONLY time I have ever liked a trilogy this much! It is my top pick of all time!

So, the first book is the Bronze Horseman. I originally stumbled upon this book in the library. I was captivated.

I then found out it had a sequel. The American version was titled Tatiana and Alexander, but the original version is the Bridge to Holy Cross. I ended up buying both books, and the original version has a whole section in it that tells Alexander's point of view from the first book. If you don't like rereading, go with the American version. I, on the other hand, like rereading and getting the point of view from another character, so I liked the original better.

The third book is called the Summer Garden. It is a HUGE book. HUGE! And, like the other books, you will go through up and downs in your feelings toward the characters. But, it is my 2nd favorite of the trilogy ( the 1st book was the best ).

The problem I had with these books? I couldn't find them in America. It is true. Except for the first book, the libraries don't carry them. I went to Barnes and Nobles, Borders, one carries Paullins Simons books. I was so distressed.

Finally, I had to buy them on eBay from a gal in Australia. Yes, it is true...Australia. And, you would NOT believe the shipping for a book that large. I spent over $40 per book ( because I then bought the 1st one since I loved it so much ). $120 plus dollars on 3 books I just had to have.

So, why am I finally telling you about these books? Well, I sure don't want you to have to spent what I spent for these books....that is for sure.

I am excited because they have now, finally, all been released in America thru book clubs. If you are interested in reading them, I would highly suggest taking advantage of the $10 Upromise sign up bonus this month. Click here to read my previous articles on Upromise. Also, don't forget to enter 5Tylenol in the promotion code. You may get another $5 as a bonus ( this is a might ). And, don't forget, you are allowed to request your money be sent to you. They suggest you invest it for college, but they will send it to you. You don't have to just leave it there for years until someone actually goes to college.
Once you have set up your Upromise account ( please make sure to enter and register a shopping card, CVS or credit card, too, in order to make money with Upromise ). Then, you will want to shop through their store. I would suggest going to the Literary Guild. They will give you $7 in your Upromise account for signing up, PLUS you then will qualify for the $10 sign on bonus ( since you need to make a purchase to get it ).

You get to pick 5 books for 99 cents. The total comes to just over $13.00 with shipping/handling. So, pick the 3 above, plus Lily ( also by Paullina Simons and highly recommended by me ). I also recommend the Winter Rose, by Jennifer Donnelly. That is what I just finished reading. It was a good book.
Then, they give you the choice to add on a 6th book for $5.99 and it meets one of your requirements for the club. I will leave that up to you. But, that is right. You will be obligated to buy 3 more books then, over the next 2 years. think. I used to think that, too. But, I do these types of clubs a lot and never spend needless money. Many times, I make money. I recommend ( unless they have a great deal going on ) to wait until November/December timeframe to meet your requirements. All of a sudden, they begin running these buy 1 get 1 sales. AND, I then pull the New York Times Bestseller list and buy what is selling at the top of the list and sell on eBay.
I usually make money! It is great! So, get your 3 or 4 books now, and then wait on the rest until the Holidays. Of course, if you are an avid reader, you can order books, too. :-)
So, bottom line. You will spend $13.70 today, but be getting $17 back through Upromise ( with a possible $5 extra from Tylenol). And, when you sell the rest, you should still be at about break even or even ahead for these 3 books. I am so jealous!! That is a much better deal that the $120 plus dollars I spent.

If anyone else out there has read these books, I would love to hear your thoughts on the novels. If not, and you do decide to read them...let me know what you think!
If you want a little background, I can tell you this. They are war novels and are very lovely at times, but very disturbing at other points. It revolves around WWII in the 1st & 2nd book, and the suffering some went through will cause you to find yourself sobbing. It hits upon Vietnam in the 3rd book.

And, I think that is why I cannot get it out of my head. Although it is fictional, it is based on true events. It is a love story ( I am a girl..come on ), so that aspect will just capture you.
Well, I hope you get the chance to read these great books! And, I will try to update everyone once in a while on what I have read that is good. Just in case anyone else out there is a reader like me!

If you have any suggested reads, let me know. I am ALWAYS looking for good books!

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