Saturday, April 19, 2008

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OK..since we didn't do anything fun today, it was raining and my son had T-Ball practice, I don't really have a great Super Saturday Savings post this week.

But, I have been tagged by iMommies ( was back on March 31st, and I am just now getting to it ) to reveal "seven random and weird things about yourself".

So, here goes:

1. I am a Skyline Chili freak! When I was pregnant with my 3rd child, I couldn't get enough of Skyline and Taco Bell. THANK GOODNESS the Taco Bell craving passed once he was born, but I have never been able to drop the Skyline Chili craving. I MUST go to their restaurant at least once a week. Mandatory.

It is so bad, that when at a dinner party over Christmas, the adults all decided to play the Newlywed Game ( even though none of us are Newlywed's ). And, the question came up to my husband, " If you wife had only $10 to spend on anything in the world, what would it be?" And, guess what? He got it right! Skyline Chili! Yum!

2. I have this odd gag reflex that just cracks my hubby up! In fact, I think he purposely does things to make me gag, although he won't admit it. Someone could be deep in conversation with me and they can mention some random word ( spider, per say ), and all of a sudden my eyes will water over and I feel myself starting to gag. And, to make this story even sillier, my cat, rest in peace, had a similar gag reflex. He saw me gag and get sick, and he would sympathize. He threw up right at my feet!

3. I am ADDICTED to reading! Oh my gosh..I can't stop. If I get a new book, I will stay up ALL night...I am talking about until 4 in the morning to finish my book. I cannot put a book down. It was so out of control, that I gave up reading for SEVEN years! Count them...7!!! I had to give it up, because I was staying up to late reading and couldn't concentrate the next day on school, work, my life. UNTIL...we headed on vacation 2 years ago and my neighbor behind me brought over a BAG of books to take on the trip with me to read. I thought...hey....I can handle this. I am a mature woman and mother now. Well, I couldn't...and I can't. I am once again addicted to reading.

To try and have a semblance of a normal life, I now only read one book a month and re-read it over and over and over during the month. So, I still read every day. That way, since I already did my one late nighter during the month and I know how it turns out, I can actually put it down and go to bed. But, I have found re-reading is just as fun. Every time I read it again, I ALWAYS pick something new up and I missed the first time. So, I think it is a good compromise for me.

All I have to say about this problem, is that THANK goodness I never drank, smoked, etc. Because, I obviously have an addictive personality, and I fully believe I would have been in big trouble!

4. My Best Friend Forever is my 2nd cousin ( or is it 1st cousin, once removed ), Deanna. We actually grew up right next door to each other until we moved away when I was in 8th grade. And, although we are both 34 now ( OK, she is still 33 ).....we still have not lost touch. She has been my friend from the day we moved in next door when I was 1 years old, and she will be my friend forever. We have pictures of us in the sandbox together as babies and pictures of each other as the maid of honor in each others weddings! I am so thankful to have lifelong friends in my life!

5. Besides Skyline, what else can I not live without? Well, my Caribou Coffee, Strawberry Milkshakes ( love UDF ), and Mac and Cheese with Tuna in it! I could be content the rest of my life with these few staples!

6. I NEVER check my voice mail. NEVER. OK..sometimes! About once a week. I don't know why. I don't know what causes me to avoid my answering machine. But, I let them pile up. So, all my friends now know...they must call me about 3 times during the day, until they actually catch me live to talk. I am glad they are all so patient.

And, thankfully, they are all understanding and wonderful friends. Because, since becoming a mother, I have these weird spurts where I hang around with people all the time for play dates, ladies nights out, etc for months at a time...and then, I have to take a week or 2 off. I just want to be a home body. I literally drop off the face of the earth w/my friends for weeks at a time. Why? I have no idea. I was never like that before. I may never know the is just a weird quirk of mine since having kids.

7. And, finally.....I dance around like a lunatic with my kids. Yes, I put music on LOUD ( with the 3 small kids ) and we all dance. ALOT! And, then I do some great cheerleading moves, jumps and chants for them. And, I was NEVER a cheerleader. I do this, because it makes them laugh, but mainly, because when my hubby is is embarrasses him to no end. He actually hides his face and groans while laughing because it is SOO terrible.

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elizabeth said...

i love, love, love skyline and miss going to cincinnati just for that :)

but i do have an amazing copy*cat recipe for it if you are interested :)

Carrie @ said...

Oh yes...please. Email me the recipe. Or, post it here.

Marly said...

Ooooh, please post it here! I have never even heard of Skyline, but now I really, really want to try their chili!

And now, to go think of some crazy stuff about me... As if my last post didn't just take the cake on crazy. ;)