Friday, April 25, 2008

Mailing Lists a Must! $10 Off $10 Coupons!

This is a topic I have brought up before. You can click here to read my original post.

But, once again...the benefits of signing up for every and all mailing lists are never ending. I get great coupons, ads, and ideas from the many mailings & emailings I get...even if I don't normally shop the store. ( Don't forget to recycle all those paper mailings, though ). :-)

So, I thought I would share some of my latest.

First, JcPenney's has a $10 off $10 or more purchase from their Salon. It ends tomorrow!!! So, jump on this one. Click here to go to the coupon and print.

I ran up to my Penney's this afternoon and went right back to the Salon. They have tons of stuff on clearance for 60% off. Here is what I got:

1. I was able to get a set of Energy Lotions, Shower Gel, Bubble Bath and Body Scrub in a cute carrying case on clearance for $6.39. It was regularly $17!

2. Bella Luxe Aromatherapy Enery Candle ( matches the lotions ). Regularly $12.00. I got it on clearance for $4.79.

Grand total came to:
$11.18 plus 7 cents tax. Minus $10 off coupon. Out of pocket was $1.25 for an over $30 purchase! Then, I put this on my Chase Debit card ( so it will count towards my 10 purchases for $10 ). So, essentially, I will be getting another $1 back for this transaction. So, the total to me is really 25 cents. Click here to read on the Chase Debit Card offer.

Another Mother's Day gift bites the dust!!

In addition, I just got a $10 off $10 purchase ( good for anywhere in the store ) hard copy coupon in the mail today. It begins Sunday. If it ends up being posted online, I will bump this post to the top and repost with the link for you. But, as of today, I couldn't find it online..only hard copy. So, I plan to make another trip up there next week and find an item for just over $10 that I need for a gift or can use myself! Heck, I can even go back to the salon if I want!

So, if you want to be on their mailing list/emailing list, click here. You never know what great deals will come your way! I do recommend sending their emails to a seperate email account that you have established just for "mailing list/loyalty programs".

Next, Ace Hardware has a wonderful Rewards Program. Although their prices aren't always lower than Lowes/Home Depot, with coupons I can get some great deals, thanks to their program. You earn points everytime you shop. On top of that, they send coupons every so often. Sometimes, they are simply $5 off a $25 purchase. This can be decent if you combine with discounted gift cards. But, the real savings comes when they send you a $5 off coupon.

Here is what I got last week:

1. A pack of GE CFL Light Bulbs. Regular price $9.99 ( by the way, they are on sale for $5.99 after instant rebate this week )
2. Bought a pack of Juicy Juice Gum
3. Used a $5 off Ace Coupon
4. Used a $5 off GE CFL Light Bulb Coupon from Duke Energy and Ace ( I think I got it from my Enery Supplier because I am a Ace Rewards member, but I could be wrong ).

Total out of pocket came to 30 cents. I had to buy the gum to get my total over $10 before tax!

Just this week, Ace sent me coupons for Scott's Weed Killer for $5 Off. Plus, I have another $5 Ace coupon, so I am hoping to score again with another great deal. I will check it out when I go to use their post office next week ( that is why else I love lines for thier satelite USPS store ).

And, don't have a $5 off $25 coupon if you bought an Entertainment Book. This could come in handy with Ace Rebates and other coupons. You can read Hooray for Freebates if you are looking for good rebates from Ace. Or, you can go directly to their site, just click here.


Kim said...

I went to JC Penney's last night and found the same deal. My whole family went with me and my husband was so impressed that I got a birthday present for his sister for $1.17. Thanks for the tip. I really enjoy your site.


Carrie @ said...

I am so glad you were able to find deals. I always feel bad when I get coupons posted so late in the week, and I hope people can still use them. So, I am glad to see you could!

Sonia said...

My ace hardware is closing :o(