Thursday, April 24, 2008

Lots of Free/Cheap Cereal at Kroger! Yum!

Considering we go through at least 2 boxes of cereal a week at my house ( and 3 gallons of milk ), when I can find cheap cereal, I jump on it.

So, thanks to my grocery game list, I have found some great deals at my Kroger this week. Their General Mills cereal was buy 4 get $4 off!

The savings comes in when you look for their cereal on sale, and combine it with coupons and electronic coupons.

Here are some examples for you:

1. Chex Strawberry is on sale for 4/$10 ( or $2.50 a box )
2. Go to Short Cuts online coupons for .75 off one box
3. Use a Chex $75 Off Hard copy coupon from a past Sunday paper. My Kroger will double this up to $1.
4. $1.00 off for the buy 4 get $4 promotion ( which comes out to $1.00 per item ).

Net price of cereal?

$2.50 - .75 - 1.00- 1.00 = - .25

Bascially, you just made 25 cents.


Multi Grain Cheerios have the same exact deal going on. There is a Short Cuts $.75 electric coupon. I had a $1.00 of Cheerios coupon from a few weeks back. And, $1.00 off from the 4 get $4 promotion. You just made another 25 cents.

If you don't have the $1.00 off Cheerios coupon from, use one of you $.75 off 2 boxes of General Mills cereal coupons. Kroger doubles it to $1.00 and divide that by 2 boxes, and you are still getting 50 cents off the box. In this scenerio, you are paying only 25 cents for a box then.

Next, I bought another box of Chex Cereal, because I had a few hard copies of the 75 cents off 1 box coupon. Since you only use an electronic coupon once, I won't get the additional 75 cents off. But,

1. $2.50 for a box of Chex
2. $.75 off hard copy coupon ( doubled to $1.00 )
3. $1.00 off for the 4 get $4 promotion

Net price = 50 cents. But, since I had earned 25 cents on the previous 2 boxes, I am now at $0 out of pocket for 3 boxes of cereal.

Finally, to make sure I get my 4th product and the $4.00

Cocoa Puffs are $2.79

1. $2.79 for a box of Cocoa Puffs
2. $.55 Off Electronic coupon from Short Cuts
3. $.75 off 2 boxes of General Mills cereal doubled to $1.00 ( since I have 4 boxes on my order, my Kroger recognzes this coupon, even though the other 3 boxes had coupons with them. Check with your Kroger for their policy. My Kroger also let's you use 2 coupons on Buy 1 Get 1 Free items ).
4. $1.00 off for the buy 4 get $4 promotion

Net price?

$2.79-.55-1.00-1.00 = .22 net price for 4 boxes of General Mills cereal was 22 cents!!!

Please remember, if you have enough coupons to take advantage of the 4 get $4 promotion twice, three times or more, you can do it as long as you do them on seperate orders. I just put the divider between my first order and my 2nd order, etc so they would ring up as seperate transaction.

Want some of my helpful hints?

1. I pull the Grocery Game ( please use referral )
2. I log into Short Cuts and P&G E-savers to make sure there are no new coupons to add to my shopper card and see if anything matches my Grocery Game list.
3. I log into and quickly go through all their coupons and make sure some of them aren't needed for this week. Sometimes their coupons are a little better than the ones that come in the Sunday paper. I print what I need, also, to match my list.

Hope you can use some cheap cereal, too!

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Mrs Nespy said...

Just a side note--not all Krogers double up to $1. Mine only doubles up to $0.50, so although this is a saver for me, not a money-maker. Sigh...wish I had your Kroger.