Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last Day for $10 Bonus thru Upromise

Take the time to plan for your child's future.

Don't forget, today is the LAST day to register with Upromise ( as a new user ) and get the $10 bonus. You MUST make a purchase today to qualify for the $10! And, don't forget to register those shopping card and credit cards when you join. You don't want to miss a minute of earning money!

Excluded are purchases from:, Avis, Bed Bath & Beyond, Butterfield Blooms, Budget, Cryo-Cell, Eddie Bauer, Eddie Bauer Outlet,, Flowers U.S.A.,, Gift Sense, RedEnvelope, Sharper Image and Upromise Cruises

Still haven't gotten your Entertainment Book? It is $15 plus free shipping right now. After the $10 bonus and the the 14% back thru Upromise, that will cost you only $2.90. And, there are some great deals in there. Did you know you can buy discounted Gift Cards? Or, did you know you can get a Free $5 Barnes and Noble Gift card from one of their sponsors? ( I will be highlighting this is an article in the next few days...stay tuned ).

Are you getting ready to buy something on eBay? Why not login thru Upromise to eBay and make 1%.

Need a new camera tripod, or could use it as a gift for someone? Join Upromise and shop at Go under Weekly Advertised Specials until you see the KraftTech 60" Adjustable Camera Tripod w/ Nylon Carry Bag - 948248 - Limited Stock!.

Link on over to iMommies, to get the full instructions on how to buy stuff on for free. It rings up $10, but after the $10 promo from Google and free shipping, you pay nothing. And, make sure to start checking her site regularly...Jennifer is one of my favorites for great deals!!
In the past, I have done these offers thru and have gotten my 1% credit on the $10. I am ASSUMING Upromise works the same, but I can't swear by it.
If you are willing to take the risk, you could make $10.10 ( from Upromise ) and walk away with a Tripod. could just walk away with a free Tripod if the bonus doesn't come thru.
If you have already done the Google Promotion but still want the tripod, definitely buy it through Upromise and to get that free $10 in your Upromise account ( making it free again ).
Either is worth the gamble in my book for that free $10, if you have nothing else you want to buy thru Upromise.
OR..take your pick from the many, many merchants they have on file.
Upromise is a GREAT program. You can click here to read my original write up on the company. And, don't forget to cash your money out and invest in a 529 or some other investment account to earn interest! You might as well make money on the free money!

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