Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Free Shasta Daisies for your Spring Planting!

Unfortunately, this is only for the Southern Ohio readers. But, I spent 4 hours on Sunday digging up my perennial gardens and rearranging everything, splitting and cutting back. I had blisters to prove it. But, boy was it nice to have my gardens arranged the way I wanted them. Everything had just gotten so big over the last few years, it needed a facelift.
Anyway, I left a huge Shasta Daisy plant because I wanted to see if any local readers want some free flowers for their gardens. They are beautiful, and if you dead head them throughout the summer...they will keep flowering. They are also beautiful as cut flowers for a vase inside.
It will also spread like crazy, so you can split and transplant over the next few years over and over again.
If interested, email me.


Andrea said...

I do I do!! Please :-)

Carrie @ said...

Yeah..glad I didn't dig it up and pitch them.

How many do you need? This thing is pretty big, and I think I can split into container size about 10 times.

Andrea said...

OK - maybe 3. I don't know how to split them though...I am learning how to be a domestic wife and a green house momma...ah, the goals I have! Thanks again! I'll email ya on picking them up!