Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Want more free money? $5 per account from Tylenol and Upromise

Right now, Tylenol is adding $5 to any new Upromise account! Have you been debating about signing up? Worried you won't make much money?

Well, here is a great opportunity to get your whole family signed up. You can open one account per person. I currently have an account for myself, my husband, my eldest son, my daughter AND just today, a new account for the baby of the family.

Click here to go to Upromise or on the picture. Once you begin the sign up, enter 5tylenol under the Promotional Code. They will credit your account with $5 ( not immediately...check back in your account over the next week or so ).

For my family, that would be $25! And, did you know...I just read in their FAQs, that you can send a letter in writing requesting your cash be sent to you. Although they "suggest" you put it in a college savings account to maximize your savings, they do not say you must.

Since I have learned this, I think I am going to cash out once a quarter and invest the money in my kids college account ( since our 529s don't automatically link to Upromise ). I should earn interest on the money, instead of just letting it sit in the Upromise account.

Anyway, take a few moments today and sign up. And, enjoy your $5+ bonus! Thanks Tylenol!

And, an added THANK YOU to my reader, Evelyn, for inspiring me to find this deal. She alerted me to a $3 deal GE was promoting for Upromise...so I did a search to see if there were any others! If you want to link to the GE Deal and some great GE Light Bulb coupons she told me about, click here.


Andrea said...

Carrie - another great tip! I had no idea you could cash out. I want that money to put in one of those accounts that will pay me money to open (another one of your tips).

Is that $5 tylenol only for new users? I didn't see where to put in the code once I was logged in.


Carrie said...

Yes, it is only for new users. But, if you don't have Andon or the other kids set up yet, you cn set them up. And, your husband, too. That is what I did.