Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Entertainment Book for Free & Discounted Gift Cards from Ebates

Are you tired of me talking about Ebates? I'm not, can you tell? I just love when I find a good deal. And, the double sign up bonus is a great deal for every new member! Right now, as mentioned previously, you will get $10 when you sign up and make a purchase through their site. This ends on March 31st. So, I am sure I will post about it again ( sorry )! Plus, I had money added to my account last night for referrals ( you get $10 for each friend right now , by the way ), so in keeping with updating as I see $$, I have to post, right?

Currently, the Entertaiment Book is on sale with free shipping and Ebates gives you $6.00 ( plus the $10 sign up bonus ) for an Entertainment book purchase. My book is priced at $16.25. So, I would pay only 25 cents for my book. ( OK, so I fibbed a little in my title...I should have said almost free ).

Why would I recommend you sign up for Ebates just to get a free Entertainment Book?

  1. There are great savings in the Entertainment Book

  2. You can buy Discounted Gift Cards through Entertainment Book at 10% Off ( Macy's, Smokey Bones, Olive Garden, Red Lobster, Linens N Things, etc ) And, I love discounted gift cards.

  3. If you shop online, you can get a percentage of your purchase price back through Ebates.

  4. If you do NOT shop online, buy gift cards from Ebates so you save more on your in store purchases. Click here to see a list of the merchants on Ebates you can buy gift cards from and get a percentage back. Most gift cards have free shipping ( but check to make sure ) Use these gift cards with coupons in the store, and save even more. Read my original post on discounted gift cards!

As an added bonus...click here to read a great write up on Ebates!! I LOVED this post...it was so funny. Why was it funny? Because, I was so giddy to see there was someone else out there as excited about these reward programs that I am. And, she proved this to me by actually visiting Ebates when she was in their area on vacation! She even has a picture of the printer that all your BIG FAT CHECKS are generated on!

Finally, anyway you look at it, Ebates is for online shoppers and in store shoppers. It is purely beneficial to everyone to have access to discounted shopping!

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