Friday, March 7, 2008

My Grocery Bill for the week - $28

OK...I couldn't help but post this. It is the BEST I have ever done. I am so excited.

First, check out how I did at CVS this week. I used my fillers to buy cotton balls ( we were out ), Tortilla chips ( for an appetizer recipe ), juice, gum and pretzels. All this, I spent nothing for...$0 big ones! I also walked out with money for next week!

At Walgreens, I got 2 packs of soap for free. Click here to read about this deal. I ran in, bought this, bread and ran back out. I had $4 in register rewards from a previous week, so I paid almost nothing and I also got another $4 in register rewards for next week. to Kroger! With the Grocery Game, I saved 41% this week and saved $41 off a $100 order ( 3 gallons milk, 2 boxes Cheerios, 2 Pies, 2 Pillsbury Cookie Dough, 3 frozen Goldstar Chili items, Deo, Yogurt, Juice, 2 cans soup, batteries, apples, bananas. I also added on baby food, spaghetti sauce, and tuna ( which brought my savings percentage down a bit ). Click here to read about this saving method.

Thanks to a freebie alert from MommySnacks, I also got 5 boxes of Honey Bunches of Oat Clusters ( Chocolate ) for FREE! Thanks Andrea! This was $10 of free product.

And, thanks to another freebie alert from Freebies4Mom, I got a free bag of Flat Earth Cheddar Crisps. I had to sign up for the free bag a while back and got a coupon for a free bag. This equaled $2.99 free to me. Thanks Heather!

I also used $8 off Kroger coupons I bought online at eBay. Read this post for information on getting these coupons as they come out.

Finally, I used the $10 free I got from Kroger. Click here to read about this freebie.

And, thanks to stockpiling with the Grocery Game in the past, my freezer is stock full of meat, so I did not need to buy any of it while it was full priced this week. Yeah!

Grand Total for another week at the grocery for the 5 of us???? $28 even. I didn't even owe any change...just $28! I was so excited!

How did you do this week? I would love to know! It always inspires me to hear others are getting and finding great deals, too.


Amy said...

Wow! That is incredible that you saved that much! I am proud that we do $50 a week. You should be really proud of yourself- that is AMAZING!

Andrea said...

Awesome trip!! So, basically, your Free $25 from Revolution Money paid your groceries this week. Sweet!!

Jennifer said...

Great job!