Thursday, March 6, 2008

Pampers Gifts to Grow and new Rewards

First of all, I have not touched on the subject of customer reward programs. But, I should have! If you buy a product, and realize they have a program where you get codes and can redeem for it ( or at least give your codes to someone who can use them )!! It is like they are handing you free money!

So, let's take a look at Pampers Gifts to Grow today. First, they have codes on the inside of all Pampers Diaper products. They also have the codes on the inside of the wipe packages. What you do is set up an account at Pampers. Once your account is set up, you click on the Gifts To Grow button to enter or redeem your codes.

They have a minimal catalog of gifts, BUT..some of the products are worthwhile. For example, did you know they have gift cards out there? They have Lego gift cards or a L.L. Bean gift cards ( and don't forget, LL Bean gift cards can be used at bonus ). A gift card is ALWAYS viewed as gold to me!

I had enough points at Christmas to get a Lego Airplane ( for Babies/Toddlers ) for my youngest. I can't beat that! Free gift!

On the actual gifts, you do need to pay the shipping (which wasn't much and well worth it ), but I am not sure on the gift cards. Either way, take that time to pull the code out, log in and type your code into your account. There is no hurry on redeeming. They have just extended the program until next year, so you are good to go!


Andrea said...

Carrie, I'll email you my numbers. I don't use pampers enough to earn anything and I've saved them, just in case!

Meghan said...

Sadly, I must say, I am not impressed with this program.
I have used it twice to get my son somethings & I thought shipping was high.

I think they are ending it this month tho.

Carrie said...

Thanks Andrea...I will take it! I am almost up to a free gift card!

I got a notice that they decided to extend it until unless they changed their minds should still be good to go. Instead of using the points for gifts ( as they don't have many ), I would strongly suggest getting a gift card instead. Even if they do charge shipping for that ( they might, you never know ), it would just come out of the profit you made from the gift card. It would still be free money.

Anonymous said...

I did this a while ago when my son was in diapers. What I ordered they didn't have any more so, Pampers sent me a check for what the toys were worth. I think I got a check in the mail for 165.00 that was the value plus what I had paid in shipping. I was pretty impressed that they did that.

Carrie said...

WOW...that is even more worthwhile!

Anonymous said...

Last week I redeemed my points and ordered two of the blockbuster gift cards (I thought they would make nice gifts) and the shipping was free, so it looks like gift cards are the way to go!

Anonymous said...

you can get a few free points with promotion codes at . The site is updated pretty regularily with new codes.

Sarah said...

I just started this program to get some cool things for my daughter. If you want to see her my wife created a blog at If you would like to donate an unwanted codes just send them to I would most appreciate it!!!

Anonymous said...

Here is another SUPER DEAL on Pampers ~40% off going on until December 21st.

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5. on the right side of the page select the number of boxes you want under the heading "Save 15% with Subscribe & Save" and "delivery every # months" and then hit the "subscribe now" button.

6. log into your account.

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How to cancel Amazon subscription after your order ships:
Update Your Subscription Options at Your Convenience

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Anonymous said...

If anyone has any points they don't want or need please send them to
They have a gift I would love to get my daughter for her birthday.

renita said...

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