Friday, March 7, 2008

Scrapbooking Digitally and Freebies Galore!

Many of you might have seen the little picture on the right hand side of my blog for Scrapgirls. And, some of you might have clicked on it, or others just passed it over.

But, I wanted to take the time to finally focus on the benefits and what it has to offer...especially since they have TONS of freebies!!! First, it won't be for all of you. And, for others, like me, it might be a God send. So, take all this with a grain of salt ( it is not meant to knock those of you who scrapbook the old fashioned way..I love all those looks, too )

See, I had been doing scrapbooking as part of a club with friends for a few years. We met once a month, did pages, traded them ( without pictues attached, of course ), etc. It was SOOO fun! In fact, I miss it at times! Just getting out with the girls. And, I have some of the most beautiful layouts you can imagine. You should see some of the artistic ability in these moms!!!! Amazing!

But, the problem was...they are slowly collecting dust. I swear, I just never found the time to sit down, pull ALL of my scrapbooking tools, gadgets, paper, ribbons, buttons, glue, tape, scissors, trimmers, stamps, stamp pads, brads, etc, etc ( I think you get the picture ) out and do it. And, then, I had to put all my gadgets, paper, ribbons, buttons, glue, tape, scissors, trimmers, stamps, stamp pads, brads, etc, etc away!!

So, I then stumbled upon Scrapgirls. I was leery at first. I mean, I had not been keeping up on my scrapbooking and it was becoming unenjoyable for me, so what would this offer me that the other previously hadn't?

The answer was...the spreads were JUST as beautiful, but I didn't have to have all of that other stuff. Well, I mean, I did still have ( do you want me to do this again ) gadgets, papers, ribbons, buttons, trimmers, scissors, stamps, brads, etc...but they were digital. So, I just got online, picked what item I wanted and then put it on my paper where I wanted it. I could do everything ( and more ) that I could do with real scrapbooking only faster, and with less mess.

Another benefit, as soon as a page was done, I could save it or print it again to give to someone. Meaning, I could only do the work once but print it all twice and give a scrapbook to the grandparents, if I wanted. With, literally, no extra work from me.

But, the main reason I like Scrapgirls? If you sign up for their newsletter, you get freebies EVERY day! OK, it may take a few months to accumulate enough to do a full page, but so what. I have a disk for scrapgirls, and everyday I download my freebie to the disk and organize it. Then, when I need to use it, I pop the disk in and pull the item off. You can also save it on your computer, but well, I need a new computer and I don't have a lot of extra space on it. :-)

Beside the daily freebie, to get you started...they give you a free ebook called, 15 things you NEED to know to become a GREAT digital scrapbooker ( 65 pages of great info ). They also give you a whole collection free. What is a collection? It is all the paper, letters, emblems, designs, etc to put many many pages together. It is summer themed and great if you have pictures from that time of the year, or beach pics, etc.

Finally, Ro, the founder is great and inspirational. They have chats, online classes, online contests, etc. It is so fun and a great world!

So, if you are stuck in a rut, like I was, with scrapbooking...give this a try. With all the freebies, it is well worth it!

And, to inspire you, here is one of my layouts from this time last year! I really love this one ( mainly because of the kids with their new baby brother )!

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Val said...

I love this post! Thank you so much it is exactly what I have been looking for!