Tuesday, January 29, 2008

JCPenney 75% Off Sale

I wanted to put a quick blurb out here about a sale Jc Penney is running today. All their half priced merchandise is marked down again. So, the sale comes to 75% off. Nothing that none of the other stores aren't doing, but they have a few great gifts for next season if you can store them.

I ran in quickly, since I had a tip from my Aunt and Mom about some game tables that would be great for my son. I loaded a picture, but it doesn't do it justice. This is a large foosball table, that turns into chess, checkers, bowling, table tennis, etc, etc. 13 in 1, it is called. It is very nice.

It was $199.99 before Christmas, and is now down to $50! I have found better deals, but if you want to stock up on a big gift for a son's birthday or next Christmas, this would be well worth it, if you haven't already found a better deal this year.

But, the real deal was a table top foosball table. It is VERY nice, and was normally $80! At some JCPenney locations ( not mine ), it is ringing up $10! Mine rang up $20, so I didn't get it. But, I had my mom buy me 8 of them and I am going to use them for all the birthday parties my son goes to throughout the year.

Plus, if you buy a small item first ( my mom bought a girls dress for $2.98 ) you get a survey link on your receipt. Fill out the survey online ( it takes minutes ) and you get another 15% off coupon for all full, sale and clearance items. So, she used that on the tables, and I am paying $8.50 per tabletop foosball table! Now, that is a GOOD DEAL!!

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