Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Freebies are Fun! Scooby Dooby Doo!!!!!

Since the start of the new year, I have been doing a lot of research on the net lately to find my family more bargains and money makers. And, while researching, I came across a site called Freebies 4 Mom. In fact, the author of this blog has been very responsive and helpful to me presonally in suggestions and encouragement. I highly recommend her site.
And, the reason I am highlighting it is that it once again, makes my life easier. As stated many other times throughout this blog, I like to maximize our income and also earn some money for us on the side. But, I also like to do it with very minimal time committment. With 3 small kids running around, I would rather be going to playdates, parks, helping at the schools, my bible study, etc than be devoting my time to saving and making money. I have a 2 hour window a day, usually, where the kids nap, and that is when I try to do at least a little a day. No more...but sometimes less! :-)
Freebies 4 Mom has really changed that for me. I no longer have to research and look for freebies, thus wasting away my valuable time. Instead, just like I schedule all my activities, I have Freebies 4 Mom penciled in on my calendar for Monday. So, I check it once a week ( sometimes more if I have extra time ) and quickly run through all the freebies and apply. Or, even better, you can subcribe to her site and get an update as she posts each day.
And, applying is very FAST! I know I promote Roboform in many of my articles, but once again, it comes in handy. I click on the link from the Freebies 4 Mom site, and then click my roboform button on my PC, and bam! My form is filled out. I click submit, and in 6-8 weeks, I have free products arriving in my mailbox! It doesn't get much easier than that!

And, as a final note, I was very proud of myself. I actually saw a freebie on some products I purchased at the grocery store yesterday. Mott's applesauce 6 packs were on sale at our Kroger yesterday. The grocery game highlighted it for me as a rock bottom price with coupons, so I stockpiled applesauce for 8 weeks worth. Yes, it is true! Hey, it was on sale w/coupons for less than the Kroger brand. And, at the shelf, there were coupons hanging there for the Mott's new Scooby Doo 25% Less Sugar Applesauces. So, I bought them, since they were even cheaper.

Upon getting home, I realized if you bought 3 ( I bought 8 ) you get a free Scooby Doo 44 minute DVD. So, I logged on today and got my 2-free DVDs. They don't even charge shipping and handling ( I never do those offers ). So, I am excited to say, I have a few free DVDs on their way. If you do this offer, please look at the packaging on the Scooby Doo applesauces before buying. It will say "Collect Codes, Get a DVD" on it.
So, my recommendation going forward, put Freebies 4 Mom on your weekly calendar. You won't be sorry! And, I will personally add a tally at the top of my website as my freebies start rolling in! I am not sure how to value them, but I do want to keep track of what all I get! How fun!!!
Update 2/16/08: Click here to read about my latest, greatest freebie find...a computer back up system!!
Update 2/17/08: Click here for today's freebie and what I received this week.
Update 2/19/08: Click here for $4 free to Caribou Coffee Expired
Update 3/1/08: Click here to read on a free site to join and get freebies thruout the year.

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