Friday, September 28, 2007

Google Search Engine with Benefit! Blingo!

This isn't necessarily a guaranteed money maker or saver, like all my other suggestions. And, I don't normally recommend wasting time on entering contests and gambling. The time spent rarely yeilds any windfall. But, I do highly recommend signing up with this website if you use Google as your search engine.
Blingo is powered by Google and every time you or anyone else does a search of the web on your computer through this site, you have a chance of winning various prizes. I have seen a prize as low as a $5 gift certificate to as high as a years worth of gas. And, the reason I support this website, is that you are not spending any extra time or effort to try and win. You simply search the web as always, and you are giving yourself a chance. Why not?
I do highly recommend saving it as your home page. That way, when your significant other, friends, spouse, children, etc use your PC, they are also searching through Blingo. If interested in signing up, click on the picture below or use the following link:


Updated 1/31/08: I just won $5 on Blingo today, click here to see how "a friend" and myself benefited!

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