Wednesday, November 11th
Total: $189

What are some key points for today?

1. Donate for free by taking advantage of charity programs when you shop. If it doesn't cost you anything but a little time, you should be taking part to help earn money for your favorite charity.

2. Newsletters and Loyalty Programs will save you immensely. Set a separate email account up to send all your eNewsletters and sign up for Loyalty Programs. These companies will send you freebies, extra money saving coupons that can save you money!

3. Sale shopping combined with coupons can save a lot! I am up to 3 pair of jeans for my daughter, each for under $2

4. Grocery shopping the sales matched with coupons means feeding your family for 50% off or more! Personally, I enjoy using the Grocery Game to match my sales/coupons up for me. But, however you do it, you will save. I take my reusable bags and get money off for each and I utilize the electronic coupons that automatically will come off my total. These aspects add even less out of pocket. And, don't forget to stockpile! If something is at a rock bottom price, buy ahead and stock your pantry. Then, you don't have to spend more money when you actually need it. You will have your own personal store at home.

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