Tuesday, November 10th
Total: $89

What are some key points for today?

1. Credit Cards are a great way to earn FREE money! As you remember, I only use my Upromise card when I buy Upromise products at the grocery store ( because I get 10% back ). I only made one purchase, so my money back was only $.74. I'll take it!

Of course, credit cards are for those that are disciplined and pay their bill in FULL each month. Because I pay no interest, and my money stays in my High Interest Bank account a month longer ( you pay credit cards a month in arrears ), I have no fees and earn even more w/my money via credit cards and my checking account. Set you cards up to autopay each month from your checking in FULL and you won't ever miss a payment!

2. If you have a passion, BLOG! Seriously, I am not strictly talking saving money here. I mean anything. Fashion, books, your kids, exercising, cooking, finances, traveling, volunteering...whatever it is you do in your life with EXCITEMENT, consider starting a blog. As you know, there are people all around the world who will share your interest.

As you gather a following, you have potential to earn extra income for your family. Companies will want to advertise on your site, work with you thru affiliate programs, send you products to review or work with you as a professional in your area of expertise.