Thursday, November 12, 2009

Free Chiquita Fruit Bites and More - Upromise

I had another fun night at Kroger last night. Usually, I go out on Tuesdays, but my eldest son had a retreat up at church and my daughter had a banquet at another church for her cheerleading. So, I just couldn't fit the grocery shopping in. But, that is OK, our stockpile holds us over until I can go grab the latest deals.

Let me start by reminding everyone to go download your eCoupons for Upromise. If you haven't already for the month, do so now because there are some good deals. If you are new to Upromise, I highly recommend it.

You register for free and immediately register your shopping cards ( Kroger, CVS, Meijer whatever ). It will then track your grocery purchases and every time you buy a Upromise participating item, you get money back in your account! Free!

On top of that, if you go in each month and load the eCoupons ( it takes moments ) you then get a lot more back on those specific items. Plus, they can be stacked with coupons.

Click here to register or sign in with Upromise.

Here are the Upromise deals from this week:

Upromise eCoupon Deals
These are just a few of the deals w/eCoupons. Don't forget, they can be stacked with coupons and used at other stores besides just Kroger. So, print your eCoupon list and take it along with you when you shop to find great deals.

What are some other deals I found while there?

Random Deals
  • Total Cereal - Reg $3.69 - Down to $1.50 a box if you buy 4 assorted GM & Quaker Cereals - $1.00 off coupon here ( when doubled ) plus in your Sunday paper stash - $.50 a box
  • Minute Rice - Reg $1.99 - Sale $1.78 - $1.00 off coupon here or Sunday paper stash - $.73
Of course, all my other fun deals that I am not posting were found via the Grocery Game! Out of pocket was $84 and I saved $146. My total should have been $230. So, I saved over 62%. And, I am stockpiled on Quaker and General Mills cereal ( 8 boxes ), 3 Pork roasts, and lots of ground meat. My freezer is full! Oh, and I bought 10 Avocados. I know, I know. But, I LOVE them and they are never on sale! If anyone has any good recipes for them, email me!

Would you like to earn when printing the coupons above, too? Sign up with My Points here, and earn points every time you print coupons AND redeem them. Your points can be accumulated and redeemed for free gift cards, etc.

Have a great Grocery Shopping week!

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Danielle Miller said...

I love plain old avocado diced and thrown in salad, or just sliced up and on sandwiches. You can't go wrong with avocado. Excellent salad with avacados at Culvers. Look it up on their site for ingredients.

Carrie @ said...

Yum! Thanks Danielle.

I didn't know Culvers served avacados! I'll have to pay attention next time we are there.