Friday, April 10, 2009

Upromise - $25 Bonus for new Credit Card, New eCoupons and More!

One of my favorite programs has a wonderful $25 Bonus right now for the credit card they are offering. But, before I get into all the details, don't forget you need to upload your monthly eCoupons! What do they have this month? Various coupons from these manufacturers.

  • Beech Nut - $1.00

  • Snyder's Padrinos - $0.50

  • Diamond Crystal - $0.35

  • Diamond Crystal - $0.30

  • Diamond Crystal - $0.30

  • Diamond Crystal - $0.50

  • Gold Bond - $1.00

  • Gold Bond - $1.00

  • Gold Bond - $1.00

  • Gold Bond - $1.00

  • Gold Bond - $2.00

  • Gold Bond Ultimate - $1.00

  • Gold Bond - $2.00

  • Gold Bond Ultimate - $1.00

  • Gold Bond Ultimate - $2.00

  • Gold Bond Ultimate - $2.00

  • Elmer's - $1.00

  • Johnsonville - $1.00

  • Huggies - $1.50

  • Lucky Leaf - $1.50

  • Little Debbie - $0.45

  • Little Debbie - $0.55

  • Little Debbie - $0.75

  • Sister Schubert - $0.75

  • Nestlé Toll Hse - $1.00

  • Nestlé Choc. - $0.75

  • Nestlé Wonka - $0.75

  • Nestlé Toll Hse - $1.00

  • Post Foods - $1.00

  • Post Foods - $1.00

  • Charmin Plus - $1.00

  • Charmin Fresh Mates - $1.00

  • Glass Plus - $0.50

  • Spray'n Wash - $0.50

  • Similac - $6.00

  • Fisher Snack - $0.55

  • Fisher Chefs Natural - $0.55

  • Snyder's Tortilla - $0.50

  • Snyder's Grande - $0.50

  • BIC Comfort 3 - $1.00
Remember, these coupons can be loaded onto your account and when you shop at your grocery/drugstore, you will get the appropriate rebate back into your Upromise account. This is on top of the coupons you use in the store, so it is a great incentive. And, each and every month they release these new coupons that you must log into load, or you won't get you rebate for these.

On top of this, if you are new to Upromise, don't forget, you can get $5 free if you get a quick Insurance quote online from Liberty Mutual and another $2 bonus if you get a quote from Just go to the Auto link under Earn Rewards once logged in. It is the easiest $7 ever! I plan to do them again once it has been 6 months since my last quote.

What is Upromise? If you are new and never heard me talk about it before, it is a wonderful program that helps you earn free money for college. You can start an account now, and it can be used now for college costs, in the future for your kids or kids-to-be, or you can share them with anyone you want....nieces, nephews, grandkids, cousins, friends, etc, etc.

First, you will want to register here and immediately enter your shopping cards ( grocery store, CVS, etc ), your credit cards ( you get money back on Exxon/Mobil stations, etc ) and participating restaurants. In addition, if you buy products in the Upromise program while at the grocery, you earn a bit back each time. Finally, you can add the eCoupons I mentioned above for even more savings.

And, now......they have a great new credit card. And, if you remember one of my favorite money earners for our home is credit cards. Click here to read more on this topic.

Upromise World MasterCard - $25 Sign on Bonus w/1st purchase

Gas and Grocery Credit Card

  • 10% back on Participating Grocery and Drugstore items
  • 2% back at Exxon/Mobil Stations
  • 1% back everywhere else


Dining and Grocery Credit Card

  • 10% back on Participating Grocery and Drugstore items
  • 10% back on Participating Dining establishment
  • 1% back on everything else

The 10% is what has me interested. Here is a list of the products you will get 10% back on at the grocery.

So, my ever saving, money scheming brain is wondering how hard it will be for me to pull out my Upromise items at the grocery store and ring them up separate with this credit card, so I can get 10% back. Wow!

For the $25 bonus, I am going to give it a try! Considering most items have the Upromise logo on them if they are part of the program, it shouldn't be too hard to spot them when unloading my cart. And, if it is too much work..I still got $25 free! I haven't open a new card in quite awhile, so my credit score should be fine with opening one, so I am game.

I do want to thank Cher for sending me this great deal!

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Christina said...

This looks like a kool program. I just recently started school again and could use any extra money.