Wednesday, November 11, 2009

My Blog Spark - Free Products to Giveaway and Review

When I started blogging, I soon learned that one of the great pleasures on my site was being able to help others. I originally started it to have a platform to share with family and friends how I was saving and earning money each month. And, especially, to help them with Online Offers.

My friends were just sick and tired of me emailing them every week with this deal and that deal, and step by step directions for Online Offers. I don't even know if any of them even read them? LOL.

So, when others began reading my blog and benefiting from my methods, I was so very happy. This is wonderful to help others with their finances. wouldn't believe how much you learn from readers of your very own blog. I get emails daily letting me know about great ideas, saving tips, etc. I have learned so much.

Well, beyond posting and all of us helping each other in this method, I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to give gifts away to lucky readers via Giveaways. It is another benefit I am proud to provide my readers. I have been able to give families books,gift cards and even fun prize packs.

On top of that, I am usually given the chance to review the product and prize packs being given away. This means my family gets the benefit, as well. I couldn't be more thankful for these opportunities blogging has provided.

What else do they do? Surveys, events to meet other bloggers, and more!

But, I have heard from many bloggers when they are first starting do you get these prize packs to giveaway?

Seriously, it is a great company that regularly provides information from some of the best known companies around and works with bloggers as a platform to review and giveaway their products.

If you have noticed, many of my giveaways are usually from My Blog Spark. Did you enter the Cheerios/$25 Barnes and Noble gift pack giveaway? Or, how about the Walmart Gift Card giveaway for Frebreze? Both were examples of packs provided by them.

So, here is how it works.

First, click here to join their database and begin receiving "sparks" to your inbox. This means, when they have a new campaign they think you and your site would be a good fit for, they will email you the details. You then have the choice to either accept the spark or not.

If you accept it, your package will arrive at your doorstep soon. You review the products and they will also provide you the details for the Giveaway on your site.

You host your giveaway, and all photos you will need, etc for your post are provided. Honestly review the product and what you think of it so you can share your feedback with your readers.

Then, pull the winner. By the way, is a great resource for this. Simply enter the number of entries you have, click a button, and it randomly pulls the winning number for you. No more pulling names out of a hat ( Seriously, I did this at first ).

So, if you are a new or old blogger and are not using My Blog Spark yet, click here to register. It only takes moments!

And, while on the subject of Giveaways...don't forget to enter the $100 Target e-Gift Card giveaway I have going on right now. Go here to enter!

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