Wednesday, August 4, 2010

$20 or $10 Free - Consumer Say

$20 Amazon Gift Certificate

For new members to Consumer Say, you will receive a $20 Reward. Mine was an Amazon Gift Certificate.

To get your $20, click here to read my original post to learn more and sign up for yourself.

I have personally done this study for the last few years and received my gift each time with no issues. In fact, I got this $20 Amazon Gift Certificate earlier this year and now am able to get an additional $10.

ALSO...if you signed up previously and never got the email invite from me with the Consumer Say invite, many were bouncing back. So, I have now posted a direct link for everyone. Just follow the link in this original post.

$10 for Updating

To ensure that all of us that have signed up this year are keeping our accounts updated, they have now offered an additional $10 by invitation to update our accounts.

I received my email invite on Monday, August 2nd and it was titled: Update ConsumerSay Account for Reward

If you haven't gotten this email yet, keep your eyes open throughout the year. Depending on how long since you originally signed up, it could cause this email to come at a different time for each person. I am not positive.

But, I know many of you signed up around the same time I did, so yours might be coming soon, too.

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josh healy said...

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Anonymous said... says i almost joined this company fro $20. But then they wanted my credit card, i felt the wanted to much info, to look at my credit card charges. Did you do this type of deal and do you trust them? I love your sight, i wish there were more of thoses online 500 visa cardsoffers without recommendations. I follow your sight everyday.hope to talk to you soon

Carrie @ said...

Yes, I have done this same thing for years now. I got my $20 already and updated to get my $10.

But, I have worked with this company for a long time. Definitely only take part if you are comfortable yourself. :)

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