Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Update: $10 off $10 at Famous Footwear

Update: Go to the Facebook page again today to find out how to get a $10 off $10 online coupon code good for later this week.

Remember when I got these adorable boots for my daughter for $0 out of pocket? Well, it was thanks to one of these types of coupons from Famous Footwear.

There have been many reports of people getting clearance shoes for nothing or very little with this coupon, when you combine it with the clearance rack.

This expires TODAY, so print it and hop on over to the store before it closes this evening. I am heading out soon.

To get the $10 off coupon, click here to go to the Famous Footwear Facebook page and Like them.

Then, go to the Exclusive Offer page to print your coupon.

Let me know if you grab anything! And, I will report back if I get anything, too.

Thanks to Surviving the Stores for sharing this deal.

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Anonymous said...

I used the coupon on Sunday before they added the "only on shoes" part. I got my son a couple packs of Spiderman and Superman socks. Some people may think that it was a waste but this boy is always losing socks. You don't even know how many times I had to send him to school with mismatched socks because we realized that morning that he didn't have anymore clean matching ones. LOL Anyway, my sister was able to find a pair of shoes she liked for $10 so she got them completely free.

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting this awesome deal! When I got to it, it was only for an online coupon w/ free shipping...but was able to score my 5 y.o. a really nice pair of tennis shoes for $5.29 after the coupon! Fantastic deal, considering he is the youngest of 4 boys that are always needing new shoes...