Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Survey Site - Smarty Pants Panel

Another new survey site has popped up in 2010, and I ( of course ) joined it recently to see what it was all about.

Personally, I delayed sharing it because it seems like the site still needs a bit of updating as they get underway.

Today, though, I got my first survey from them and it was on a very appropriate topic for me. I qualified and was able to take my first survey with them.

For the survey, I am entered into a giveaway for 10 - $20 Target gift cards.

What I can't tell on this site yet, is how they compensate for surveys. Will it always be sweepstakes entries, or will they also be paying for certain surveys? I know many of the other sites do a combination of different type of surveys.

Since I haven't been able to determine that from their site yet, I am just going to play it by ear as each survey comes thru my email account.

If you enjoy earning with surveys like I do, feel free to sign up here and give the Smarty Pants Panel a try.

As I get more information or see how it is panning out for me, I will definitely update my site.

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