Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Free Photo Flip Book, Photo Mug or Choose Other free Gift

This is one of my favorite deals that Inbox Dollars comes out with because I actually make money while getting free products.

If you were a member of Inbox Dollars already, check your paid emails. Mine was titled: Spring is here! Enjoy our gift to you: Free Products!

Not a member yet? Click here to join for free and get a $5 sign on bonus so you don't miss out next time they send this offer out.

Click to read this email and order your free products. If you do, Inbox Dollars will give you $5 to order your free product.

What free product can you choose?

  • Photo Tshirt
  • Invitations and Announcements
  • Photo Flip Book
  • Photo Mugs
  • Tote Bag
  • Free Rubber Address Stamp
  • Sticky Notepad
  • Address Labels
These all come via Vista Print, and you can find them free on many sites. But, even when free, you still need to pay shipping.

I ordered the Invitations today ( I needed some for my son's upcoming 1st Communion ), and shipping came to $4.63. I got the invites free ( normally $13.99 ). But, thanks to the $5 that Inbox Dollars is giving me, I am making 37 cents profit. :)

And now, I don't have to print my own invitations and waste my ink and paper!

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Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you posted this! I get emails from InboxDollars but would have just passed over it not realizing what a good deal it was! I was able to get invitations for my son's first birthday party and make a little bit of money. :-) Thanks!

~ Carrie ~

Carrie @ said...

No problem! Since Inbox Dollars only sends out about 3 emails a day, I have gotten into the habit of reading them because they often have great deals like this. :)

If I ever see anything else that is an unbelievable deal, I will definitely post!

Julie said...

Do you know if this deal is only available once per account? My Inbox Dollars accounts shows that I got $5 last year from a similar Vistaprint offer, but I got the same email you're referring to, except it doesn't seem to work for me. I click the link and it never loads the page. No matter which of the links I click on that email, I get the same result. I also got this exact same email last week and it did not work then either.

Carrie @ said...


I would think it should work if they are sending it to you.

But, to check, I would email them and find out for sure.

Log into your account and then go to Live chat to talk with someone.

To get to live chat, go to support or contact us.

Click on any of the questions and it will have an answer. Scroll to the bottom of the answer and there will be a link for Live Chat.

Let me know what they say.

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