Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mystery Shopping - A Closer Look

Welcome to my weekly post on Mystery Shopping. Every week, I strive to bring you a new company to add to your shopping list!

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This week I would like to introduce you to a company called:

A Closer Look

I have been very, very impressed with the shops they have had in my area. The restaurants are establishments that I would LOVE to take my family to for dinner! So, I get doubly excited when I see their shops.

Besides restaurants, they do hotels, health clubs, spas, etc. Lots of great shop opportunities.

I do want to give one hint with this company, though. I highly advise you put it into your schedule to log in and check their job boards. They do self assign shops, and these are usually first come first serve.

So, unlike many of the other companies where you will get email updates and then can apply, this company will fill their shops quickly. I have gotten some emails from them occasionally, but you will do better to check yourself.

So, are you ready to sign up with A Closer Look, too? Click here.

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Have a Happy Shopping Week!

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Nichole said...

I have completed several shops for this company. In Texas, they only have about 2 main places but they are very easy shops and easy to complete the forms. This is by far one of the easiest mystery shopping companies I have worked for.

megs92 said...

I have been working with ACL for about a year now and they are my favorite company! The shops in my area are mostly fine dining shops and are VERY involved, but I think they are worth it. Also, ACL rarely has "family-friendly" shops in my area; virtually all require two adults only, though shops vary from place to place. This is a fantastic company, especially for more experienced shoppers. Thanks for highlighting them!