Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hurry! All You Magazine Subscription Deal

One of my favorite ( and only ) magazine subscriptions that I actually pay for because of the tons of coupons included each month. Be prepared to match these with great sales at the grocery store via the Grocery Game and save, save, save!

I know many of you missed the last All You deal I shared last month and wrote me afterward wanting to take advantage. Well, it is back. But, only until this Friday, March 12th!

Here are some details about the promotion:

On the actual All You website, they are selling it for $1.99 an issue w/subscription or approx. $24 a year.

But with this deal, you are receiving 40 issues ( that is 3 years and 4 months ) for $28, or 70 cents an issue. Much cheaper!

This promotion is thru Campus Fundraiser. Usually, they sell magazines and a portion of those funds go to a designated college. But, they are taking that portion and passing it back to us! This is how you are getting such a low price.

70 Cents an Issue - All You

Would you like to get your magazine or add on these additional years to your current subscription?
  • Click here to order by March 12h
  • Order 40 issues of All You for $40
  • Campus Fundraiser then issues a $12 credit back to your payment method bringing your cost to $28
  • The refund will show up within 2 to 5 days, depending on your payment method. Debit card refunds seem to show up quicker than credit card refunds, for whatever reason.
Some other tips:
  • If adding on to a current subscription, make sure all information is EXACTLY the same
  • Want 2 subscriptions each month for the coupons then order one in another name (spouse, etc)
  • Once you place your order, wait up to 24 hours for payment confirmation email.
  • The $12 credit only applies to magazines that are $40. So, there are other titles to choose from, if you are interested.
  • Your subscription will begin in 10 to 12 weeks

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