Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Earn up to $50 w/ Research Panel - Bellomy Panels plus Round Up

It is time for the weekly feature on Market Research. I will strive to bring you new programs to join each week, as well as list any studies these companies are screening for at the current time.

Want to learn how to make money on Market Research and sign up for all current programs I have introduced? Click here or go to my Focus Groups button in my left menu bar. All the recommended companies I suggest you register with will be listed in the side bar, or if you click the All Posts button on that page you will find some more I have discussed.

This week, I am introducing Bellomy Online:

Bellomy Online Research

This company has been around since 1976 working in the research business. They are based out of North Carolina and although most of their focus group recruiting is conducted there, occasionally they do offer studies online. They do not have a group to join, but it appears that they randomly recruit study participants in other ways, such as advertising.

Thus, I thought it was a great week to talk about them, since they currently have a study screener availabe on the web.

Right now, you can join a panel and get paid up to $50 for taking surveys, if you qualify for this screener.

Go here to see if you qualify.

Now, on to this week's studies. Sit back and spend a bit of time taking these screeners to see if you qualify:

Resolution Research
  • Click here to sign up with Resolution Research
  • Once you are a member, click here to take all your screeners.
Available Studies are:

  • $75 Denver Taste Test Study
  • $150 Denver, CO or Charlotte, NC Commonly Purchased Products Study
  • $100 Denver, CO Young Adult and Parent Online Study
  • $10 Starbucks Buffalo, NY Education Study

  • Click here to sign up with Focus Forward.
  • Once you are a member, click here to take all your screeners
And, they are:
  • $75 Nationwide 2-day online board for men & women - March 11th-12th
  • $200 Nationwide 5-day online bulletin board for men & women - March 15th-19th
  • $150 Washington, DC $150 free dinner for a 2-hour focus group for men & women, 3/10-3/11
  • $150 Tampa free dinner 2-hour focus group for men & women, 3/10-3/11
  • $150 Houston free dinner 2-hour focus group for men & women, 3/10-3/11
  • $100 Bethesday, MD 45-minute In Person Interview - Wednesday, March 10th
  • $100 Memphis, TN 45-minute In Person Interview - March 11th
  • $125 Chicago Women 2 ½ hour focus group - March 4th or Friday, March 5th
  • $150 NYC & Northern NJ Women 3 hour focus group - March 8th- March 10th
  • $75 Boston 1 hour phone interview for women - March 8-12th
  • $75 San Francisco 1 hour phone interview for women -March 8-12th
  • $75 Chicago 1 hour phone interview for women -March 8-12th

Available Studies are:

  • Males and Females 18-54 yrs old who follow sports online - March 18

And, they are:
  • $100 Nationwide Women online study on grocery items - Mar 4 and 5
  • $115 online study on cell phone accessories - Mar 8, 9, 10, and 16
  • $75 Nationwide Online study for men who use smokeless tobacco products - March 9-11th
  • $75 LA 2-day Online study, multiple groups over various Mar dates

  • $20 Study Questionnaire emailed. Mine arrived March 2nd and was titled J&R Screener Invitation. Check your email account!

Assistance In Marketing

Click here to sign up with Assistance in Marketing and see if you qualify for current studies.

  • $55 Cincinnati, OH Mouth Wash Study - March 9th

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Jennifer said...

I was wondering how you keep track of the studies that you do. I was called earlier this week to do a study for AIM and when they asked if I had done a study in the last 6 months I had to think how far back it really was. Just wondering what an easy way is to keep track. Also, do you know if it is 6 months per company or is it for any company study in the last 6 months?

mom2kids.stephens at

Carrie @ said...


I keep a spreadsheet with all my earnings ( surveys, market research, online offers, blogging,etc, etc ) so I can track how I contribute to my family.

This is also how I keep my tally for my blog. So, I just have to look at my spreadsheet to see when the last time I got a check.

But, when I do an online study and they owe me a check ( focus groups like AIM usually pay in person ) I mark it on my email calendar when I am expected to get my check. So, I can also look there, too.

Each company is different. Sometimes they will ask if you took any research study and other times they will ask specifically about their company. Just answer as honestly as possible, and you should be fine.

Jeff said...

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Focus Market Research said...

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