Sunday, March 14, 2010

First Payment Received - Be Ruby PLUS Free Photo Book

I am so thrilled to report that my first payment with Be Ruby came thru successfully.

If you remember, I introduced Be Ruby to you months ago when it became available in it's Beta phase. As of today, it is still in it's Beta phase and becoming a site I look forward to visiting every day.

And, why not? I get paid ( although minimally ) to visit Facebook, Twitter and even for logging into their site. On top of that, I take the time to visit their blog daily ( since I get paid for that, too ), and to CNN News ( doesn't hurt to get paid while I keep up on current events ).

When you go to their site, remember you only get paid for the sites that have red rubies next to them. So, don't waste your time clicking on the other sites. If you want to go to one of their websites, I advise typing it into Swagbucks instead, and potentially earning on their site since you won't get anything for those sites on Be Ruby.

Payout occurs at $10 via Paypal. So, I reached $12.17, cashed out and it hit my Paypal account quickly. Fun!

Of that amount, $3.98 was for Refer a Friend members in my network. So, remember to share with all your friends ( especially on Twitter and Facebook ) and let them know when you get your payment for visiting that specific site each day! They may just want to earn for going to chat with their friends online each day, too.

So, how are all of you doing since you originally signed up? Are you getting closer to your $10 threshold yet? Don't forget to log in each day quickly and your earnings will add up faster.

$6.67 Back on Free Photo Book

OK...and don't forget you can also get paid for shopping online, too. This is similar to all the Rebate Shopping sites ( you can read about them here ).

And I am happy to say that if you didn't grab your free $39.99 20-page Photo Book from Picaboo yet, now you can get it even cheaper!

If you remember, the book is Free but it is $8.99 for shipping. Well, Be Ruby is giving you $6.67 if you are a first time customer ( and this deal is only for first time Picaboo customers anyway ).

On top of that, you will also get 33 cents for downloading the software the first time.

SO.....that means you will only pay $1.99! I like that a lot.

In fact, since I am a member of Picaboo I am going to have my husband register since he will be a new member. Also, the Picaboo software is downloaded on our old desktop, so I will be downloading it for the first time on my laptop. Keeping my fingers crossed that my husband qualifies for the free book. :)

Register how do you get involved?
  • Register for Be Ruby & begin Earning Online here OR.....
  • Want the Photo Book? Register for Be Ruby here & then type Picaboo in the search box. Use code AFFLGB

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