Tuesday, March 16, 2010

$1 for Updating your Profile - Rextopia

For all of you fellow bloggers who signed up with Rextopia the last time I recommended them as an affiliate program, watch your email accounts.

They are requesting updates on publishers profiles to better know their needs with their advertisers.

For this quick update, they will grant you a $1 in your account.

If you haven't yet signed up with Rextopia, I highly recommend them. You can register here.

Often times they will have similar offers as other affiliate companies, BUT will beat their competitors rates if you ask. I have gone to them twice now and they increased my revenue to beat the other programs. It never hurts to ask!

On top of that, I often find programs they have the other affiliate networks don't have. Just make sure to check their new campaigns often.

And, don't forget to watch your emails for the invite to update your profile. Mine was titled: Rextopia - Update your profile and get $1

And, don't forget to sign up for the free tracking program, Outright here. You need to track all earnings and expenses from your blog so that tax time is just a bit easier this time next year.

Are you still trying to find good Affiliate programs to join, too? Go here to read about all the programs I use to earn and sign up for the companies yourself. Or, you can go to my Affiliate button in the left menu bar at any time.

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Jennine Rexon, President of Rex Direct Net, Inc. said...

Thanks for publishing this information on your site. We are eager to get all our affiliate profiles updates as soon as possible. It will definately help us to retain more sophisticated offers that our affiliates are asking for.

Best Wishes for Success!

Carrie @ Moneysavingmethods.com said...


No problem! Anything to keep the great affiliate offers coming thru Rextopia.