Friday, February 5, 2010

Palm Research - (2) $1 Surveys a Day

Time for my weekly intro to a Survey company. It is amazing to me that I STILL stumble upon great companies and continue to earn.

In my mailbox just today, I had a check from Survey Savvy and $3 of it was from taking surveys. And, last month I received checks from these companies for surveys: Opinion Outpost at $7.50, HCD Surveys at $1.00 and $2.50 from Esearch ( still need to introduce this company, so I will put it on the schedule for next week ).

In total, I received $14 in my pocket. Not a huge amount, but I did earn more but those balances are still being held w/the survey company until I reach their payment threshold. Hoping to meet some more of those levels this month so I can request more of my money.

Today alone, I earned $11 with a new survey company, Palm Research!

Palm Research

What I liked about this company is that EACH day you will get 2 Daily General Surveys worth $1 each. On top of that, you may receive additional surveys. I like that right next to the survey, it will tell you approx. how long it will take. Today, mine were 12 minutes and 15 minutes.

My goal is to take the screeners for these 2 surveys each day to see what type of return I get on these.

Today, I took them both and only qualified for one of them. But, I was pleased to find out that when I qualified, I was then invited to join a community online for another research project and got $10 for joining the discussion. I was thrilled. So, on only my 2nd day with the company I am now up to $12 ( I also earned $1 yesterday ).

On top of the daily surveys, my favorite survey panels have Refer a Friend programs. And Palm Research has just that. If you tell your friends about this site, you will get 10% of their earnings for life. This reminds me a lot of the Survey Savvy refer a friend program. Instead of a one time payment, it is ongoing.

To join Palm Research too, and begin earning with Surveys you can go here!

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Leslie said...

Thanks so much! This looks like a very nice survey site.

Carrie @ said...


I hope so. I guess time will tell. :).

I was just so excited with my results today, so I am hoping it continues to be a valuable survey site for all of us.

Let me know your feedback after you have been on their panel for awhile. I will be curious to hear others feedback as well.

Blogger said...

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