Friday, February 5, 2010

Bonus Opportunity w/ Be Ruby

Many of you might remember when I originally introduced Be Ruby, a beta phase website that allows you to earn by going to your favorite sites. Read my original write up here.

My favorite websites that I visit from Be Ruby daily are:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Yahoo Mail
  • Be Ruby Blog
  • CNN News
What are your favorite sites? ESPN, New York Times, Gmail, Hotmail, My Space?

If so, you will be earning a little bit, too. Don't get me wrong, it does NOT add up fast. But, if you are going to these sites anyway, then why not earn a little bit every time you visit.

Once your balance equals $10, you can cash out. And, I am pleased to share that my balance is now $8.91. So, I will be cashing out soon. Of that, $1.80 is from my Refer a Friend Network. That is right, they have a great Refer a Friend program.

So, here is this month's special bonus:

10 Cent Bonus per Referral

For every friend you refer to Be Ruby thru February 28th, you will get a 10 cent bonus added to your account in March. Plus, you will still earn 50% of everything they earn while a member of Be Ruby.

If you are on Facebook, Twitter, etc this might be a great time to share with your friends and let them know you earn every day when you come visit. Then, share with them your referral link.

Not a member of Be Ruby yet? Click here to register.

  • Register here to watch Super Bowl commercials and earn $! Everyone qualifies!!

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