Sunday, March 7, 2010

Week in Review - $515 Impact

Here you will find a re-cap of what happened in my household over the past week and the monetary impact to us.

Follow along with me and watch your earnings and savings grow, too!

Remember, don't forget to track your own numbers, as it is fun and beneficial to know what is working for you!

Listed below is the total I saved or earned, the post that explains the details ( if there is one ) and then the method where I am adding this total for tallying purposes.

In addition, you can click on any of the buttons in my sidebar to find a yearly breakdown of where I earned money for each saving/earning method! This is a new addition this year, and I hope is helpful for others.

Weekly Savings

$13.37 - Grocery Savings
  • Kroger Gas Savings
  • Walgreens
  • Kroger
$2.86 - Rebate Shopping Sites

Total Weekly Savings - $16.23
Grand Total Savings YTD - $2,861.36

Weekly Earnings

$250.02 - Blog Earnings
$203.02 - Refer a Friend
$45.40 - Online Earning Sites

Total Weekly Earnings - $498.44
Grand Total Earnings YTD - $5,819.68

Weekly Total Overall Impact to my Family - $514.67
YTD Total Overall Impact to my Family - $8,681.04

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rene said...

Wow, I would love to learn to do the things you do to bring in income. I think it will take some time to understand. I just started a blog a few weeks ago. It seems to take a lot of time :)
Thank you for all the information you share.


Carrie @ said...


No problem. I try to document everything I do, so others can follow along and earn/save, too.

For bloggers, whenever you see a post on my site, if you click on the link to go to the company....I will put at the bottom of the page what affiliate or refer a friend program I use.

Simply click on the name of that affiliate program to sign up and begin earning yourself. :)

Blogger said...

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