Thursday, February 4, 2010

Free Movie Tickets, 5 Bonus Box Tops and Cereal!

My hands are cramping! If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, you have probably already heard me complaining about this problem. And, it is not from blogging a lot. In fact, if you haven't noticed, I have been blogging less the last week. I even missed quite a few days.

And, the reason?

I have been cutting Box Tops! I am the coordinator for my son's elementary school PTA and the end of February is our submission for a check. And, if you didn't know, Box Tops need to be trimmed before submission. As of tonight, I am up to $550, which means approx. 5,500 Box Tops have been cut down in the last week!

Of course, I must say thanks to the Moms/Dads who submitted theirs to the school already trimmed down for me. But, they are few and far between. Do you submit Box Tops to your child's school? If so, consider trimming them every time you take them off a product. I trim mine immediately before I put them in the baggy in my drawer ( where I diligently store mine ). Believe me, if you trim them, your school's coordinator will be very happy! :)

Earn 5 Bonus Box Tops for your School Online

Today, I am pleased to announce that Box Tops 4 Education and Kroger and their sister stores have an online promotion where your school will earn 5 Box Tops for every family that registers. I highly encourage you to take these few moments and sign up so your local school can earn extra money.
  • Register here for free ( remember to set up with your "deals" email account for newsletters, loyalty programs, etc )
  • Select your school and they get 5 Bonus Box Tops electronically into their account
  • Select from the available offers and load your Kroger Shopping Card #
  • When you shop and buy the products selected, your school gets even MORE Box Tops electronically.
Box Tops plus Free Movie Tickets

Recently, I learned the General Mills was lowering sugar in their cereals. Read my review on this here.

When I went to the store to pick up 4 boxes of cereal for my kids to try, I immediately noticed that specific boxes had Free Movie codes in them. For each 2 codes, you get a Free Movie Ticket. So, now not only was I getting Box Tops for my child's school, BUT free movie tickets! Yay!

I bought 4 boxes, and due to this now have 2 Free Movie Tickets. Guess what my husband and I are doing for Valentine's Day? Yep, Free Movies for us!

The photo above shows what I printed out from my PC after entering my codes from the cereal boxes. Now, I just take these forms to my local theater to view a movie.

When you shop your next General Mills Cereal sale/coupons, look for boxes with the Free Movie code included.

Hey, and if anyone has a suggestions for good movies they have recently seen are still at the show right now, please leave a comment below. I am not sure what movie to take my husband too next week.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Carrie,
In our school, the 4th graders clip the box tops and make a graph. They have a contest between the grades to see who has brought in the most. A learning opportunity merging with volunteerism. It also gets the kids in the spirit of saving the box tops, as they want their class to be winners.

Tina said...

I didn't know the BoxTops had to be trimmed, but I usually trim mine anyway before I turn them in. I will definitely help the coordinator out and trim ALL of them before I submit them. We had recyclable trash day in our neighbor and lots of times I walk and if I happen to see a container with a BoxTop on it I quickly rip off the BoxTop. If I just walked on by that would be like walking by a dime on the street.People probably think I'm crazy, but I'm just thrifty. : )

Carrie @ said...


That is great! I totally agree. I view them as 10 cents, too. And, as I now know from cutting so many of them, every little one adds up to a large sum of money!

I love the idea of having the kids help out, too. I think as I get more familiar with the coordinator role, I will try different things out to help us earn ( and hopefully help me, too ) in keeping up on the trimming.

Ginny said...

Sorry about your hand!

One of my daughters school used to ask the parents that came into the PTA meetings to grab some to cut while the meeting went on.

Isn't that cool about the movie codes. I picked up a bunch, but they are hard to find in my area now. I'm saving mine for the new Alice in Wonderland next month!

Laura C said...

Hi, I'm a coordinator for my children's school too! You actually don't have to trim the Box Tops. I do trim because I like them neat and like to think I'm saving a little on shipping costs, but as time goes on I'm letting more ragged ones go by and just trimming the really chunky ones. As long as the expiration date is valid and showing, it's good.

I've been sending announcements home with students that have collection sheets on them and encouraging families to use them. After a couple years of this, more and more people are using them which equals a lot less work for me. I just have to scan them for valid dates; it's easy to just pull off any bad ones and replace them as necessary. I make my own collection sheets that are more efficient than the decorative ones Box Tops provides. I could email you one if you're interested.

Also another hint to simplify - I made a large grid of 50 boxes that spans 2 cardstock sheets taped together. Then I just lay the loose Box Tops on it so I just have to fill the grid, fold the cardstock at the seam and slide them in a Ziploc and not actually count to 50 (when I would try counting I would always lose track!)

Hope these hints are helpful. Good luck to your school!

Carrie @ said...


PLEASE, PLEASE tell me you are kidding me.

I was handed the reins to this for the school year, and was told I needed the box tops trimmed or they would not take them.

I also know the last 2 years at our other school, they would divy up the box tops to have moms trim them.

Is this something new this year?

Let me know, because this will save me TONS of work....and obviously all the other moms out there, too.

You are my favorite person in the world right now! :)

Laura C said...

I really do believe it's true, they don't have to be trimmed, just valid dates. If you check on the coordinator forums on the BTFE website, there are several different posts about this under the forum "Clip & Box Tops Products". Give your scissor hand a rest! :)