Thursday, February 11, 2010

$75 Test Drive Offer - Kia Sorento

This week in my email, I got a NEW Test Drive offer. Check you inbox/spam, as this is a high paying one!

If you remember, I wrote in the past about joining the Kia mailing list to get future Test Drive offers. And, they have finally arrived. Did you get one of them?

$75 Kia Sorento Test Drive Offer

The email came to me on Tuesday, February 9th and was titled Get a 75 dollar prepaid card when you test-drive the 2011 Sorento.

Check you emails to see if you got it. This is a personalized email and non-transferable, so I cannot share the link. Sorry! :(

If you haven't registered with Kia yet, do so here. Click here to go to their site. Once there, click on the Receive Updates in the left menu bar and register.

$25 Kia Sorento Test Drive Offer

If you did NOT get the email, GOOD NEWS!!!

Thanks to the New Frugal Mom, I learned about a $25 Test Drive offer for everyone on the Kia Sorento. It is $50 less than the personalized offer, but still a great deal.

I love test driving cars, because I get the chance to take a spin in a new car for free money. And, don't feel bad if you aren't in the market for a new car. I don't lie to them ( I don't want to be at the dealer all day ).

But, they are getting you in one of their vehicles, which you may have not looked at previously. This is great advertisement for them and their automobile is now in your mind the next time you do need to car shop!

Want to get in on the $25 Test Drive offer? Click here to participate.

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Buckle up and Drive Safe!

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Thanks Carrie. I just signed up.

Evelyn said...

I got the email you were talking about. I had already signed up for the $25 deal. That same day, I got the personalized email for $75. I was so excited. My daughter also signed up for the $25 one. She was so jealous that I got the $75 email. WooHoo. Thanks for telling me about signing up months ago.

Carrie @ said...


I am so happy you got the $75 offer, too!! That is wonderful.

Tell your daughter to sign up now. Remember, back in December I got a test drive offer from them for another model of their cars.

It always pays to sign up for newsletters, loyalty programs, etc with companies for this very reason!


Sharolyn said...

I too got the email for $75 the same day I signed up for the $25 my daughter told me about! I'm glad I followed your advise to sign up! I've now told my daughter to make sure she does the same!

Carrie @ said...


Wonderful! :)